The SLU Student Union is the elected representative and appropriating body of currently enrolled degree and credit-bearing certificate students, working to provide a forum for discussion of school-related issues and matters of particular concern to the student body, as well as developing and administering in- person social and cultural programming and activities. The Student Union works to ensure the student perspective is considered by faculty and administration in matters related to the school’s operations. The Student Union works closely with student affairs on planning for upcoming events and programs.

Elected Officers

Meet the SLU students elected for the SLU Student Union or Academic Year fall 2022/spring 2023:

Tania Caldwell
BA In Urban Studies, Co-Chair

I came to SLU in the spring of 2020 as part of the Community Leadership Semester program. In the fall of 2020, I decided to continue pursuing my education and apply for the BA in Urban Studies program. I received the Joseph S. Murphy Scholarship for Diversity in 2020. In fall 2021 I was part of the CUNY Women Public Services program which gave me the opportunity to have a fellowship at the office of the State’s Senator Toby Ann Stavisky. Presently, I’m serving as the secretary of our SLU student union, which has given me the opportunity to represent our school as a delegate at the University Student Senate. Today I am working as a community outreach assistant at the Korean American Family Services Center, working with the Latin immigrant community in Queens. I am running as co-chair for the SLU student union. I want to be able to continue supporting our student body, represent, and help to push to bring more programs, scholarships, and other benefits to make our school more adaptable for my fellow students. I am a mother, wife, and full-time worker, and I also want to add to my priorities list my leadership engagement in my school. I am seeking to continue serving my school and collaborate with other members to bring more opportunities for our fellow students!

Miriam Uribe
MA in Labor Studies, Co-Chair

I am a second-semester MA in Labor Studies student and a recipient of the Joseph S. Murphy Diversity Scholarship. I’m an undocumented immigrant raised in California and currently living in Brooklyn. I have always been passionate about immigrant and workers’ rights advocacy. As an undergraduate student at the University of San Francisco, I advocated for undocumented students, co-founded UndocuWeek, and helped create the Magis Fellowship – a fellowship that provided unrestricted stipends to undocumented students. I have also been co-chair, bargaining team member, labor-management committee member, and mobilizer for two of the non-profits I’ve worked at. I’d love to bring my experience as an organizer and advocate to CUNY SLU and fight along with my fellow colleagues to ensure that our school meets the needs of our student population. I would especially be interested in supporting and advocating for our undocumented students on campus.

Lakesha Foster
Certificate in Public Administration, Steering Committee

I want to run for the SLU student union position because I love helping people and being involved.  My passion in politics and government came about when I was in high school and helped me toward my career in government. My first job was for a women’s organization, “Black Women Blueprint.” Black women blueprint was an organization that dealt with the topic of black women’s rights in American society. Most of the topics I dealt was gay rights, abortion rights, and workplace discrimination. I learned a lot about women getting low wages and salaries in certain jobs (private, non-profit, and even government jobs).  After I graduated from college, I started to apply for jobs in the public sector and non-profit organizations and I ended up working at the Department of buildings. The job consisted of helping people with any permit and violation issues. I learned how to write certain reports and record important information. I believe that these particular tools will help me with my graduate school journey. The reason I want to run for the SLU Student Union is because I want to develop my skills in this leadership position. Also, I want to be more comfortable with expressing my own opinions and representing students in this leadership position. I look forward to your support in running for the SLU Student Union.

Kevin Wilson
MA in Labor Studies, Steering Committee

Our SLU Student Union needs the kind of leadership that is conscientious of the economic, political and racial divisive times that we are living in today.  This is the kind of leadership that is deliberate, transparent but remain steadfast with a focus on labor issues.  I am Kevin Wilson and that is a snapshot of my vision for our SLU Student Union and why I am running for a Co-Chair position.  I have demonstrated from my past involvement in this SLU Student Union and my local Public Employees Federation (PEF) union that I am the type of leader that prioritizes the issues of all members and relentlessly work to resolve them.  I have also served on the Regional and Statewide Political Action Committees and several Statewide Labor Management Committees for the Office of Mental Health and the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities.  Labor needs a fiery and visionary leader and that is why I am asking for your vote.  Your vote will allow me to carry your collective voices to the table in echoing your heartfelt concerns on issues that impact many facets of your everyday existence in our CUNY community.

Carlos Sanchez
Certificate in Labor Relations, Treasurer

Carlos D. Sanchez – I am a community engagement and outreach professional that supports a multilingual high school in the New York City Public School system. In this role, I have engaged hundreds of students in civic education and empower them to work for change. As a delegate for both District Council 37 and the New York City Central Labor Council, I advocate for union workers and I works to get them involved in the electoral process by conducting voter registration drives. I sit on the Language Advisory Committee for NYC Civic Engagement Commission, and I am an active member of the NAACP Bronx Chapter, Local Precinct Community Council and various neighborhood associations. I am an advocate for justice and look forward to running for the SLU Student Union.

Carole Beyinda
MA in Labor Studies, Treasurer

I’m a French International student. I am pursuing a master’s degree in Labor Studies. I have experience in real estate, project management, debts recovery, association organizing and customer relations. I have a passion for social networking, innovative ideas, and social justice. I enjoy rising to challenges and carrying out strategic missions at the highest levels. With the trust and complete support of our team, I am delighted to announce that I am running for Co-Chair of the Student Union. In this position, I assure you, I will work hard on our behalf. I will be honest with you about the challenges our school faces. I will do my best to communicate with you and keep you informed. It’s an amazing opportunity to me, I will be able to collaborate with people.  As a member of the SLU Student Union, I will fight to prevent students from being victims of racism, gender inequality, and abusive treatment. To achieve our goals, we need to collaborate, follow ours values, use ours skills to work together and be strong. I want to thank our amazing School, SLU and their amazing staff, the SLU students, and the SLU Student Union as we would not have come this far without your continuous support and encouragement.

Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee

Carlos Sanchez, Labor Relations Cert
Royada Widdi, MA in Urban Studies,
Melissa McClain, MA in Urban Studies
Kevin Wilson, MA in Labor Studies

Student Elections Review Committee (SERC)

The Student Elections Review Committee (SERC) establishes student election rules and guidelines. The SERC also ensures that election procedures and voting are fair and certifies the results of all student government elections and referenda. Members of the SERC include one (1) faculty, two (2) staff and two (2) students.

SERC Members:
Sharon Hardy, Enrollment Director
Penny Lewis, Associate Professor of Labor Studies (Chair)
Michael Rymer, Coordinator, SLU Writing Center
Fitzroy Searles, Student, MA Urban Studies


2021 Student Union

Student Union 2021

Marlon Bailey, MA in Urban Studies, Co-Chair
Theresa Ramos-Villega, MA in Labor Studies, Co-Chair
Tania Caldwell, BA in Urban Studies, Secretary
Nicolas Pineda, MA in Labor Studies, Steering Committee
Kevin Wilson, MA in Labor Studies, Treasurer
Glen Guild, MA in Labor Studies, Steering Committee

Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee 2021

Glen Guild, MA in Labor Studies
Marlon Bailey, MA in Urban Studies,
Nicolas Pineda, MA in Labor Studies
Kevin Wilson, MA in Labor Studies

2020 Student Union

Student Union 2020

Co-Chairs: Siddika Degia and Justin Sanchez
Treasurers: Lawrence Ben and Brian Fluerantin
Secretary: Jake Head
Steering committee: Eriam Lopez and Nicolas Pineda
Faculty Student Disciplinary Committee: Glen Guild, Eriam Lopez, Brian Hunt, and Siddika Degia.