The Academic Experience of a Lifetime

Offering the only interdisciplinary curriculum in labor and urban studies in the nation, SLU’s academic programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of traditional-age college students as well as adult learners.  The School awards undergraduate and graduate degrees along with credit-bearing certificates that provide a direct pathway to degree programs. SLU also collaborates with other CUNY schools to offer a range of college-credit programs designed to provide workers with the academic and technical skills they need for professional advancement.  In addition, the School provides unique experiential learning opportunities involving the practical application of skills in organizational and community settings.

The School’s faculty includes renowned scholars in the social sciences, as well as distinguished practitioners in a variety of fields including government, labor, and public service. In addition to its academic programs, SLU sponsors applied research, organizes public forums and conferences, and publishes a national labor journal. The School also has a well-deserved reputation as a community hub for discourse and debate among scholars, policy-makers, and organized labor and allied organizations on a broad range of topics in support of economic and social justice.  Through its public forums and civic engagement programs, SLU is educating the community on the issues impacting all New Yorkers.

With its focus on workers’ rights, social change and economic justice, SLU is a place where thinkers and doers come together to create change.

Faculty Publications 2020-2021

On Covid-19, civil rights and the cracks in our system laid bare by the year 2020

This issue contains:
If This is War, Here’s What to Do: Coronavirus and National Purpose

It Didn’t Have to Be Like This

Will COVID-19 Be Our Triangle Fire?

Bargaining for the Common Good in the Coronavirus Era

New York Socialists in the Legislature – and Out

and more …

Learning Outside the Classroom

At SLU, learning outside the classroom is learning by doing in the greatest city in the world! Students will receive credit as part of their academic program while interning in unions, community organizations, and government agencies. They will be able to develop not only academic, but personal understanding, knowledge, and skills through analysis and reflection of their activities. It is an active process that engages them in understanding how theory connects to real world issues and real world solutions.

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) has developed a gateway program of study for eligible minority and underserved students wishing to enter the CUNY Law School, successfully complete the curriculum, and graduate ready to enter the profession as licensed attorneys having completed studies with a concentration in labor law.

The Leadership, Achievement, and Work (LAW) project has two major goals: 1) to prepare qualified underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals for entry to and successful matriculation in a program distinctively designed for educating undergraduate and graduate students who aspire to become licensed public interest attorneys in New York State; and 2) to instill in these students, through an emphasis in labor law, the four principles of social justice: equity, access, civic participation, and human rights.

The Urban Academy is a collaboration between the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies and partnering community colleges. The Academy’s goals are: 

  • Produce graduates who are advocates, organizers, policy makers and service providers for diverse urban populations
  • Prepare students to compete for job opportunities in public, non-profit, and private agencies as well as community organizations and unions
  • Give students sound preparation for graduate study in a range of urban-related, inquiry-based disciplines
  • Foster social justice and humanistic values and critical-thinking skills

During their community and senior college experience, Urban Academy students will be connected to  the limitless learning and professional opportunities available in one of the most dynamic urban centers in the world. The Urban Academy links students with distinguished faculty at the cutting edge of the complex research and issues underlying today’s cities. The Academy exposes students to experiential learning through unique union partnerships, community organizations, and government agencies. Additionally, students will be able to partake in SLU’s nationally recognized public programming. Urban Academy students receive dual acceptance to their community college urban studies major for their associate’s degree and then are seamlessly transitioned into SLU for their Urban and Community Studies bachelor’s degree.