LTT Scholarship

LEAP to Teacher (LTT) provides a specialized set of support services designed to empower UFT and DC37 school and daycare workers to become more effective in their schools and more impactful in their communities. The LTT program can assist you with pursuing your undergraduate or graduate degree in any field of study, from the pre-admission stage through graduation. Offered across NYC at the designated partnering City University of New York (CUNY) campuses.

Program Manager
Sheryl Smith  

What is the LTT Program?

The Murphy Institute’s LTT is a supportive program works in collaboration with the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) and our participating CUNY colleges. The LTT’s mission is to empower participants to become more effective in their schools and more impactful in their communities. The variety of LTT services are specifically designed for UFT and DC37 paraprofessionals, teachers, daycare workers, and other school personnel. Participants can pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees to advance their careers in teaching or any other field of study. The program is offered at:  BMCCBronx Community CollegeBrooklyn CollegeCollege of Staten Islandthe CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies (non-teaching degrees), Lehman College , Medgar Evers and Queens College.


What Does LTT Offer?

NY State Teacher Certification Exam Preparation Workshops 

NY Teacher Certification Exam Preparation Workshops – Master test taking study strategies for the CST: Combined Early Childhood & Childhood Multi-Subject Test and EAS: Educating All Students.

The Combined Early Childhood & Childhood Multi-Subject (CST) exam preparation workshop focuses on the strategies required to be successful in the multi subject specialty test for grades K- 6th. This workshop will cover the overall exam format for Literacy and English Language Arts (Multiple choice and constructed written response), and Arts and Sciences.

The Educating All Students (EAS) exam preparation workshop focuses on the skills needed to effectively teach diverse populations. The workshop covers the following topics: Techniques to approach various multiple choice questions, constructing an effective constructed written response and test-taking strategies.

Test Prep Workshops Schedule

Prospective Students
To learn more about the LTT program and its services, attend one of our monthly LTT open house sessions or fill out the inquiry form, and our program specialists will contact you to set up a zoom or in-person meeting to answer your questions.

Video Testimonials

Anecia McCall, LEAP to Teacher Alumni, Undergraduate Program, Brooklyn College

Norma Osorio, LEAP to Teacher Alumni, Borough of Manhattan Community College(BMCC)

Daniella LaRosa, LEAP to Teacher Alumni, Undergraduate Program, College of Staten Island (CSI)

Amanda Clark, LEAP to Teacher Alumni, Graduate Program, Queens College

Tishawna Campbell, LEAP To Teacher Alumni, Graduate Program, Lehman College

Historical Background

LTT was created in the mid-nineties to meet the needs of UFT para-educators attending Queens College. It was housed under the umbrella of the Queens College Worker Education Labor Education and Advancement Project (LEAP), established in 1984 to create a space within CUNY dedicated to addressing labor issues from an academic perspective and preparing future labor leaders.

In 2006, The Queens College Worker Education program joined forces with the Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies to better reach and serve union members throughout all of CUNY. In 2018, the Institute underwent an exciting expansion and became its own entity, now called the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU). Throughout all of these transitions, the LTT program has remained true to its original mandate of providing an adult-friendly environment catered to the specific needs of evening students and union members.

For more information, please attend one of our monthly open house events, or contact one of our site coordinators to schedule an appointment at the college of your choice.