The LEAP to Teacher program enables the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) members employed by the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) to pursue their education and advance their career in teaching or other fields of study.

This program is in collaboration with the UFT, the Murphy Institute for Worker Education and participating CUNY Colleges (Brooklyn, College of Staten Island, Lehman and Queens).

Students must be enrolled or affiliated with one of the participating LTT colleges, in order to take advantage of our services. However, the test preparation workshops are open to all CUNY and/or UFT members.

After attending an open house, students who are currently enrolled will be asked to complete an intake form. You will then be contacted by the Site Coordinator. You will then be assisted and informed about the LTT services that can benefit you. Students who are not enrolled will be informed of the admissions process and asked to schedule a follow up meeting.

When students submit their LTT application/intake form, a unique code will be placed on their CUNYFirst account. This allows us to identify our program participants and inform them of upcoming events/services. Once a student has applied to LTT, there is no need to reapply. Students may follow up with the assigned LTT Site Coordinator/ advisor to receive assistance with readmission if necessary.

Our LTT Site Coordinators/advisors can help you pick a suitable career- oriented curriculum. The program offers a variety of services to benefit all students. This includes: tutoring, writing and math workshops, academic advisement and more. Please contact an LTT Site Coordinator to be informed of the additional services offered.

The LTT program is currently offered at BMCC, Brooklyn College, College of Staten Island, Lehman College and Queens College. However, we intend to expand in the future.

LEAP to Teacher students are CUNY students. You have the same rights and access to your campus resources as all other students. The only difference is that you are entitled to the wide range of free additional services. Your union membership determines your eligibility to our extra services.

Our LEAP to Teacher coordinator will help tailor the right personal path for you towards teacher certification or any other career path that you desire. For our future teachers, initial certification can be obtained at the undergraduate or the graduate level, depending on the desired certification areas. Choosing the right path for you begins with a conversation and an evaluation. We look at number and type of transfer credits applied, cost of education, number of semester needed to complete your degree as well as the relative marketability of different certification areas.These are just some of the factors involved in making this important decision.

We offer free courses and workshops for our future teachers including: preparation workshops for the NY State Teacher Certification exams including EAS, Multi Subject CST for Early Childhood and Childhood and Writing for Future Teachers course. Our writing consultant is available for in person, online or telephone sessions. He also offers workshops on library and database research, research writing and writing a winning personal statement for your admissions application.

Please contact the Site Coordinator at the preferred campus for further assistance.

Please contact the Site Coordinator at the preferred campus for further assistance.

Please contact the Site Coordinator at the preferred campus for further assistance.

Yes, we help assist you access your union specific benefits for undergraduates and graduate students.

Many of our paraprofessionals (UFT and DC 37, Local 372) earning a Bachelor’s degree eligible to receive 18 credits per year subsidized by Career Training Program (CTP) at Teach NYC. Vouchers may be used for the fall, spring and summer sessions but not for winter sessions.

The deadlines are as follows:

Six credits for fall session: apply May 1 – June 30
Six credits for spring session: apply September 1 – October 31
Six credits for summer session: apply February 1 – March 31

To apply for voucher please visit the NY City DOE Career Training Program website.

Our LEAP to Teacher Site Coordinators can assist you in putting together a financial aid package that will enable you to pursue your intended degree without undue hardship. This includes grants, scholarships, and tuition reimbursement sources. For more information, contact your LTT Site Coordinator.