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CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies master’s degree programs are designed to meet the needs of adults who are looking to progress in their studies and advance in a career with a master’s level degree or certificate.

The Master’s Degree in Labor Studies program combines insights from sociology, law, history, economics, political science, and labor relations. Its objective is to analyze the opportunities and challenges confronted by workers and their organizations. By participating in this program, students enhance their capacity to advocate for fairness and social justice in both their communities and workplaces. They cultivate valuable skills such as critical thinking, analysis, and leadership. Additionally, students acquire knowledge in areas such as labor law, organizing, collective bargaining, international viewpoints, labor relations, and strategic research.

Advanced Certificates serve the educational needs of seasoned labor leaders, professional union staff, as well as union members and activists who want to advance their careers and enhance their contributions to the labor movement. The programs provides a theoretical and historical understanding of labor law, public policy, the role of worker organizations in employment relations and offer students the opportunity to develop the practical skills necessary for participation in collective bargaining, conflict resolution, and contract administration.

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Labor Studies Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Labor Studies

Through this program, students gain a deep understanding of contemporary labor issues. The program builds critical thinking, analytical, and leadership skills so that students become more effective advocates for workers’ rights and social justice.

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies vision derives from its core values: access to education, diversity at every level, social justice, and equality for all.

Advanced Certificate in Labor Relations

Through this program students develop skills and knowledge in the areas of collective bargaining, organizing, labor law, arbitration, contract negotiation, organizational administration and leadership development. It prepares students for careers in the areas of organizing, labor relations, contract administration, labor and employment law, and conflict resolution.

Advanced Certificate in Labor Studies

Through this program, students develop skills and knowledge in the areas of history, organizing, leadership development, transnational labor issues, and public policy. It helps prepare students for careers in the areas of union organizing, public policy, social action research, and law.

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