The Murphy Institute for Worker Education at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) provides union members and adult learners with the resources and inspiration necessary to achieve their academic and career goals.


Continuing & Professional Education
Courses designed to prepare adult learners for college entry and to provide working adults with the skills and trainings necessary for a successful career

  • College Preparation Program
  • Enhanced Math & English Program
  • Union-Sponsored Cohort Courses
  • Workshops & Certificate Programs for Future Teachers

Academic & Administrative Support
CUNY pre-admissions and application assistance, career advisement, and additional administrative support for prospective and current students

  • CUNY-Wide Adult College Access Initiative
  • The Murphy Institute for Worker Education at Queens College
  • LEAP to Teacher (LTT)

Workforce Development Research
Specific research initiatives designed and executed in collaboration with our union partners

  • Assistance in assessing union members’ educational needs and interests
  • Coordination with unions and the CUNY Office of Institutional Research to crossmatch data and analyze union members’ enrollment patterns
  • Studies on the impact of a CUNY degree on members’ careers


Provide education for workers in three areas: basic skills; job-related skills; and liberal arts education

Expand existing services and create new higher education opportunities for workers to advance their careers, achieve personal growth, and understand their rights

Embed college access services for union members into the community

Address the economic and workforce development needs of the City and State by implementing programs that give workers the skills local employers need

Provide support for current students through a range of individualized services