The Murphy Institute for Worker Education at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) provides union members and adult learners with the resources and inspiration necessary to achieve their academic and career goals. Worker Education at SLU has an obligation to empower underrepresented New Yorkers through education – particularly on public policy, workers’ rights, and the labor movement – and to encourage them to become active participants in their community and beyond. All services will be held virtually until further notice.

Continuing & Professional Education

Courses designed to prepare adult learners for college entry and provide them with the skills and training necessary for a successful career.

Academic & Administrative Support Services

CUNY pre-admissions and application assistance, career advisement, and additional support services for prospective and current students.

Workforce Development Research

Specific research initiatives designed and executed in collaboration with our union partners. Potential areas of focus include:

Our Goals

  • Provide individualized support services and education for adults in three areas: basic skills, job-related skills, and liberal arts education
  • Expand existing services and create new opportunities for adults to advance their career goals, achieve personal growth, and understand their rights
  • Embed college-access services for adults into the physical and virtual communities of greater NYC