At the CUNY school of labor and urban studies (SLU), students are our most valuable asset. They bring the energy, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to public service that makes SLU such a unique learning institution.

We are a School for people who want to make a contribution toward social justice—in the workplace, in the community, in the institutions that serve our diverse urban populations. Whether you are a continuing student, just starting at SLU, or want to learn more, we are here to provide you with the tools to succeed academically and professionally.

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Alumni Spotlight: Koffi Bentum, Doorways and Dreams

Koffi’s transformative journey from Ghana to SLU exemplifies resilience and hard work. Overcoming adversity, he found support at SLU, praising its networking, academic backing, and mission of social justice. Koffi’s path included working at Street Vendor Project and receiving SLU’s Diversity in Labor Scholarship. Balancing work and studies, he earned a BA in Urban Studies. Now pursuing a Ph.D., Koffi aspires to impact Ghana’s development and engage in politics. He credits SLU for foundational insights into societal structures and emphasizes its role in empowering change-makers. Read more.

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