In partnership with the Transport Workers Union Local 100/New York City Transit Authority Training and Upgrading Fund, the Murphy Institute offers two courses required for completion of a Transit Certificate Program: The Development of Mass Transit in New York City: The Industry and its Workers and Worker Health and Safety. (A third required course is offered by the Local 100 Training Fund).Courses are designed to provide transit workers with an enhanced understanding of their working environment and to prepare them for promotional opportunities within the industry. The program is offered in mid-Manhattan and at the TWU Local 100 Training and Upgrading Fund.


Kevin Simmons
Academic Program Specialist

Transit Certificate Program

Tran 301- The Development of Mass Transit in New York City: The Industry and its Workers

Prerequisite: None 

This course provides an overview of key issues in contemporary public transportation for the New York City Transit Workers Union, Local 100, and its members.

These issues include: the organization, development, and financing of the industry, and the union’s development in this context; global and historical comparisons of transit systems and labor’s role within these; the public-private hybrid nature of public authorities, such as the Metropolitan Transit Authority and New York City Transit, which manage New York City’s public transit system; an overview of labor relations in New York City transit; the impact of transit policy on urban communities and on transit workers; and changing transit technology and the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

TRAN 302 – Worker Health & Safety

Prerequisite: None 

This course addresses all aspects of workers’ health and safety in the urban mass transportation industry, with the goal of offering students a beginning understanding of the complete field of occupational safety and health.

Specifically, the following areas of concern will be covered: legal and contractual requirements in regard to worker health and safety; New York City Transit Worker’s Union Local 100 perspectives; New York City Transit/MTA Policy Instructions; workers’ compensations, disability, health benefits and pensions; and, specific risks and hazards in the public transit workplace in New York City, i.e., asbestos, lead, and ergonomics.


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