The Department of Urban Studies offers a master’s degree and advanced certificate programs for students pursuing both scholarly and professional interests in the political, economic, and social dynamics of contemporary urban life.  Students develop critical thinking, analytical and leadership skills necessary to advance in their workplaces and to advocate for social justice in their communities.

Students in the Master’s Degree in Urban Studies program have the opportunity to learn from and work with nationally known faculty from The City University of New York, as well as with expert practitioners in the fields of public and health care administration, municipal politics, workforce development, labor and community organizing.

Advanced Certificate programs draw on a variety of academic disciplines and combines theory with practical applications in order to prepare students for leadership roles in community change organizations. Thru the available programs students can gain a rich understanding of the theory and practice of how communities are organized, how nonprofits serve constituents, health care policy and administration, government policy and public-sector management, as well as gain skills required to build more effective democratic workplaces and equitable communities

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Dr. Steven London
Department Chair

Marie Romani
Administrative Specialist
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Urban Studies Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Urban Studies

Designed for students pursuing scholarly and professional interests in the political, economic, and social dynamics of modern urban life with emphasis on urban problems, public policy, community organization, the urban workforce, administration of public agencies, and delivery of public services.

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies vision derives from its core values: access to education, diversity at every level, social justice, and equality for all.

Students gain marketable credentials and skills while promoting social justice and community-based activism.

The department also provides students with a wide array of service-learning opportunities and the ability to apply their learning to the real world.

Graduate Student Financial Support

of CUNY SLU post-baccalaureate students graduate debt free

of CUNY SLU graduate students attend with no tuition costs

of graduate students receive debt-free financial support through grants, scholarships and waivers