The MA in Urban Studies degree program is designed for students pursuing both scholarly and professional interests in the political, economic, and social dynamics of contemporary urban life. Blending theory with practice, the program offers a particular emphasis on urban problems and solutions, public policy, community organizations and community organizing, social change and social movements, civic engagement, the urban workforce, the administration of public agencies, and the delivery of public services.

The field of Urban Studies draws on the perspectives and methods of sociology, economics, political science, geography, urban planning, and anthropology to analyze the contemporary city in a global perspective. Urban Studies students explore how cities grow and evolve, govern themselves, distribute goods and services, serve the public, and employ their residents.

Students in the Master’s Degree in Urban Studies have the opportunity to learn from and work with nationally-known faculty such as Kafui Attoh, Ph.D. and Distinguished Professor John Mollenkopf, Ph.D., as well as experienced practitioners from government, non-profit organizations, and social service agencies.

Career & Academic Advancement

Graduates of the MA in Urban Studies program are prepared for a range of careers in city agencies and government, research institutions, and non-profit organizations serving urban populations. Students select one Urban Studies track in either of Public Policy and Administration, Health Care Policy and Administration, or the Urban Workforce to gain advanced knowledge and skills in their particular area of interest.

Admissions Criteria

Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4 point scale. Applicants are required to write a personal statement, submit a writing sample, upload a resume, and provide two letters of recommendation. A background in urban studies, social sciences, and/or related fields is an advantage but not essential.

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