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New Labor Forum is a national labor journal of the CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies, published by SAGE Press 3 times a year, in January, May, and September. Founded in 1997, the journal provides a place for labor and its allies to consider vital research, debate strategy, and test new ideas.

In its over two decades of publication, articles in the journal have covered the full range of challenges that confront workers and working-class communities.  On the domestic side, these issues have included:

  • the dramatic growth of low wage service and precarious work
  • the decline of manufacturing
  • corporate domination in U.S. politics
  • the privatization of public education
  • the persistence of black unemployment at double or near double the rate for whites
  • mass incarceration
  • immigration raids and the super exploitation of immigrant workers
  • sexual harassment at work
  • pay inequity
  • LGBTQ workplace discrimination
  • labor’s relationship to the American empire and wars without end
  • the climate change crisis.

Internationally, contributors to the journal have examined:

  • organized labor and economic justice in post-Apartheid South Africa
  • the rise and fall of the pink tide in Latin America
  • efforts to organize among informal workers throughout the global south, and
  • the rise of economic nationalism throughout Europe.

Article highlights include:

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