CWA Local 1180 supports eligible union members interested in furthering their education at SLU, whether it be in government, public service, community building, or labor leadership. Local 1180’s Education Fund will provide 24-30 credits of free tuition for eligible members who enroll in SLU’s undergraduate or graduate-level programs in Labor or Urban Studies.

Tuition Voucher and Benefits

  • 30 credits toward undergraduate certificates or degrees in Urban Studies or Labor Studies
  • 30 credits toward undergraduate certificates or degrees in Urban Studies or Labor Studies (effective Jan 1, 2023)
  • Tuition reimbursement per semester that may be applied to cover the additional credits needed to complete your degree – up to $400 (effective Jan 1, 2023)

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About Our Programs

Students in Urban Studies at SLU study public management and public administration and will acquire a deeper understanding of the structure and effectiveness of public agencies. They will also develop research, writing, analytical, budgeting, decision-making, and supervisory skills that are useful in everyday work. This program is ideally suited for those interested in gaining important education credentials and advancing their careers in city government.

Topics of discussion also include:

  • Housing, education, health care, transportation, the environment, and public safety
  • Politics and power in the city and their implications for policy formulation and implementation
  • The social and economic problems confronting working-class communities, racial discrimination and disparities in opportunities
  • The urban economy and economic development
  • Equitable tax policy and the public budget process
  • Personnel practices, management, leadership, ethics, and accountability
  • Evaluation of public policy, its implementation, and its effectiveness

Degree and Certificate Programs in the Urban Leadership Program:

Undergraduate & Graduate Certificates

  • Public Administration and Public Policy
  • Healthcare Leadership and Advocacy
  • Community Leadership

Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees

  • Bachelor’s in Urban Studies
  • Master’s in Urban Studies

Labor Studies students expand their knowledge of labor history and the contemporary labor movement, including labor law. They deepen their understanding of working-class life, culture, and consciousness and will also develop leadership skills for grievance-handling and arbitration, negotiation, and collective bargaining. The program is ideally suited for 1180 members who are interested in advocating for workers’ rights on the job and in coalition with the broader community.

Topics of discussion also include:

  • Workers’ rights
  • Challenges facing the contemporary labor movement
  • Issues of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation at the workplace
  • The global economy and its effect on workers worldwide
  • Labor law and its impact on organizing and labor-management relations
  • Union governance and union democracy
  • Strategies for union organizing and political mobilization
  • The role of unions in local, national, and international politics
  • Recent labor victories and the future of organized labor

Degree and Certificate Programs in the Labor Leadership Program:

Undergraduate & Graduate Certificates

  • Labor Relations
  • Labor Studies

Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees

  • Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies
  • Master’s in Labor Studies

Labor Studies Students Speak Out

Urban Studies Students Speak Out