CUNY-SLU accepts payments from unions, companies, agencies and miscellaneous organizations who wish to pay a student’s bill. Tuition and fees, up to the amount sponsored, will be deferred as long as the entity paying your bill provides written, formal communication on company letterhead (“letter or credit” or “tuition voucher”) indicated exactly what they plan to pay.

If the organization is not paying the bill in full, you are responsible to pay the remaining amount by the due date.

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Submit Your Voucher

Tuition and fees paid by your union or employer requires written authorization on the organization’s letterhead.

Union Education Benefits

Unions believe in education. Thats why so many support their member’s education.

Partner Programs

CUNY-SLU collaborates with unions to offer their members free or reduced cost tuition.

Sponsor Guides

Submit authorizations to pay for tuition and other fees for students you’re sponsoring.

Scholarships and Grants

CUNY-SLU offers various institutional scholarships to support newly admitted and continuing degree and certificate students.

CUNY Employees

Eligible CUNY employees may have their graduate and undergraduate tuition waived.

Veterans and Active Service

CUNY-SLU is committed to ensuring active-duty service members, veterans, and their families  can reach your educational goals.