Be aware of fraudsters and scams! Learn about online tuition scams and how you can avoid being targeted by them.

Fraudsters often offer discounts on school tuition if the victim makes a tuition payment via the fraudsters. These fraudsters are using stolen credit card information and students ultimately end up with a balance even after paying the fraudsters.

  • Scammers target international students at a higher rate compared to domestic students (scammers have especially targeted students using the popular app, WeChat)
  • Scammers often promise an approximate 5% discount on tuition payments for students who use their 3rd-party services
  • Victims are asked to provide their University login credentials and their credit card information

Protect Yourself! We strongly caution students to never share their online credentials with anyone.

  • Never share your online credentials with anyone!
  • Only use payment methods approved by CUNY, such as the Nelnet Payment Plan
  • Advise your parents or authorized payers not to respond to any 3rd party solicitations for payment of tuition and fees at a discount