We understand that paying for college can be challenging. Developing a plan to manage your student bill is a good first step.

Semester Payment Plan

Semester Payment Plans offer an economical solution tailored to the needs of both students and families. These plans are exclusively designed for the current semester of enrollment and are accessible for a restricted duration. For more information, click here.

Should your balance fall into past-due status, the Semester Payment Plan might become unavailable. In such instances, you’ll need to complete a Balance Management Form to be considered for other payment programs.

Partial Payments

Students are encouraged to make partial payments leading up to the start of the term, with the expectation that all tuition and fees will be settled in full by that time. However, once the semester has commenced and the balance is past due, partial payments are not the most optimal option. Instead, the preferred method for managing tuition payments in structured installments is through the Semester Payment Plan. This option not only secures your registration but also helps to avoid late payment fees charged by the college.

Partial payments are accepted both in-person via check or money order and online through CUNYfirst using e-Check or credit card. Please be aware that credit card transactions incur a service charge, making e-Check a cost-saving alternative.

Financial Aid

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens doors to federal, state, and institutional aid that can alleviate the financial hurdles associated with pursuing higher education. By evaluating a student’s financial situation and eligibility, FAFSA facilitates access to various forms of assistance, including grants and loans. This aid not only covers tuition expenses but also assists with additional educational costs like textbooks, supplies, and living expenses. Through FAFSA-qualified federal and state aid, individuals from diverse economic backgrounds gain the financial support necessary to pursue their academic aspirations and excel in their chosen fields.

SLU Scholarships

Institutional scholarships play a pivotal role in fostering academic excellence and providing equitable opportunities for students to pursue their educational aspirations. By recognizing and rewarding merit and potential, SLU scholarships not only alleviate financial burdens but also empower individuals to fully engage in their academic pursuits, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant and inclusive learning environment. Students should consider SLU scholarships as a viable option to assist them with defraying the cost of their tuition.

SLU Tuition Deferment Plan

Tuition Deferment Plan offers support to students facing financial hardship and who have exhausted all other available avenues to settle their outstanding account balance. It serves as a last resort, reserved for situations where alternative solutions have proven ineffective.

Here’s how it works: Initially, a portion of your overdue tuition is paid upfront, while the remaining balance is postponed until the end of the deferment period. During this time, you retain eligibility to register for courses for the current academic term. Any charges incurred for the current term are also postponed until the conclusion of the deferment period. The formula for calculating the total deferred amount is as follows: [Past Due Tuition] – (Down Payment) + {New Tuition} = TOTAL AMOUNT DEFERRED.

To get started, just fill out a Balance Management Form. We’ll review your account within three business days. Please know that we’ll place you in the payment program that fits best, based on factors like when you submitted the form and your outstanding balance. If the TDFR isn’t right for you, we’ll offer the next best option.

Past-Due Payment Plan

Past Due Payment Plans (PDPP) offer students a convenient way to gradually pay off their outstanding tuition balances. It’s an excellent choice for students aiming to clear their accounts, prevent additional fees, or reenroll at CUNY-SLU. It is important to note that PDPP requests may be denied based on certain terms and conditions.

To get started, just fill out a Balance Management Form. We’ll review your account within three business days. Please know that we’ll place you in the payment program that fits best, based on factors like when you submitted the form and your outstanding balance. If the PDPP isn’t right for you, we’ll offer the next best option.

Registration Appeal

Drops and withdrawals that occur on or after the first official day of the semester are charged in accordance with the University Adjustment calendar. Accordingly, the Bursar’s Office is unable to offer discounts, waivers, or absolutions for financial liabilities. However, we understand that unexpected situations can arise. If canceled or withdrew from courses due to an extenuating circumstance, you have the opportunity to appeal your tuition liability via the Registration Appeal Form. Our appeals process is designed to consider extreme circumstances. If you believe your situation warrants an exception, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Remember, you have up to one year from the start of the semester in question to submit your appeal.

Rest assured, your appeal will receive careful consideration. Our dedicated committee, chaired by the Registrar’s Office, will review your case and any supporting documents. We aim to provide a final decision within 3-5 weeks. We understand the importance of resolving financial matters promptly. While your appeal is being reviewed, any financial holds on your record will remain in place. Once your liabilities are resolved or waived, these holds will be removed.

Collection Agency

Accounts overdue by more than one year from the start of the billed semester are sent to collections. Once transferred, payments must be made directly to the assigned collection agency, and students are responsible for all balances and additional fees. Payment arrangements with collectors do not clear account holds, which restrict student records across all CUNY campuses until full payment, including agency fees, is received. Final notices are issued 30 days before transfer to collections for balances over $100.

To make a payment or start a payment arrangement, click here or call 1-800-964-5689. CBHV charges a collector fee that may be up to 15% of the balance SLU refers. If payment is not collected within a year, debt is reassigned to Transworld Systems Inc.

To make a payment or start a payment arrangement with Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI), click here or all 1-877-282-1250. TSI charges a collector fee that may be up to 22% of the balance SLU refers.

Please note that collector fees are subject to change.


Tuition and fees outstanding for more than four years are written off by the college for record-keeping purposes, resulting in a $0 balance with a BWO hold. However, students remain responsible for the full tuition amount and must pay it in full. To settle their account or re-enroll at CUNY, students with a BWO hold should contact the campus from where the debt originated.

Return to SLU

Returning to college after owing money can be daunting, but it’s entirely possible with proper planning and communication.

Start by reaching out to the Bursar’s Office to understand the outstanding balance and any steps needed for resolution. Discuss payment options and potential financial aid opportunities available to you. It’s essential to create a realistic plan to repay the debt while balancing your educational goals. Additionally, explore any resources or support services offered by the college to assist students in financial need.

Remember, with determination and proactive steps, you can overcome financial obstacles and pursue your academic aspirations.