September 2020

August 2020

  • Kafui Attoh has co-authored “‘Just-in-Place’ labor: Driver organizing in the Uber workplace” in Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space. In this scholarly paper, Kafui and his co-authors, Katie J. Wells and Declan Cullen, posit that that Uber’s attempts to keep its workers “just-in-place,” which generally isolate and disempower drivers, can actually enable new modes of organization. Read it here.
  • Steve Brier and Michael Fabricant co-authored a piece in the Gothan Gazette entitled “Racialized Austerity: The Case of CUNY” in which they chronicle the steady erosion of public funding for higher education from the New York State and City government, and how it has affected CUNY.
  • Andrew Sparburg, who teaches regularly in SLU’s transit program, wrote about the Queensboro Bridge, which appeared in the daily blog of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society. Read it here.
  • Sean Sweeney has a new piece that is co-published by Jacobin and New Labor Forum, entitled “There May Be No Choice but to Nationalize Oil and Gas — and Renewables, Too.” Read it here.
  • A moving piece from The New Yorker featuring an SLU alum, MTA bus driver Terence Layne, in which he mentions taking Andy Sparberg’s class on the history of transit. Read “A Transit Worker’s Survival Story.”.

July 2020

  • An article in the latest edition of New Labor Forum takes a look inside an Amazon fulfillment center.  Get a firsthand view how workers are handling the pandemic, worker safety and organizing themselves in the demanding environment of a booming business.

  • Stephanie Luce authored two articles: one in LaborNotes on workers and housing, and another in Portside on how unions are organizing for racial justice.

  • Gladys Palma de Shrynemakers is co-hosting Next Gen Assessment: A Series for Educators Transitioning Online for the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AACU). This is an ongoing series of blog posts complemented by brief video discussions designed to help educators exchange information about assessment challenges and emerging best practices in digital delivery.

  • Newly appointed Assistant Professor of Labor Studies Joel Suarez discusses two recent books about anti-immigrant sentiment in an article entitled “The Nativist Tradition” in Dissent magazine.

  • David Unger has authored a piece on police unions and the Black Lives Matter movement for the fall issue of New Labor Forum, which has been released early due to its timeliness. Read it here.

June 2020

  • Mike Menser, has a piece out in Non-Profit Quarterly on how the call to “defund the police” is not just a call to transform policing and rethink “safety,” but also a call to transform budgeting. Read it here.