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The BA in Labor Studies degree program is designed for undergraduate students with a strong interest in labor, unions, and the workplace.

The curriculum is designed to span the interdisciplinary field of labor studies, including courses in history, sociology, law and political science, as well as those which explore the internal dynamics of labor relations and labor organizations. The program builds critical thinking, analytical, and leadership skills so that students become more effective advocates for workers’ rights and social justice.

Department Contact

Dr. Ruth Milkman

Marie Romani
Administrative Specialist
(646) 313 – 8480

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Career & Academic Advancement

The Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies prepares students to enter the workforce with the knowledge of current issues such as employee rights to a workplace, learn how to manage people within a corporation, government, or a community organization, and represent employees as a union leader or staff member. Students are also prepared for advanced study in the field, including the MA in Labor Studies, or those interested in pursuing a law degree, or a professional master’s degree in human resources or labor relations.

Admissions Criteria

Applicants must possess at least 24 transferrable credits from an accredited institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4 point scale. Applicants need to demonstrate basic proficiency in reading, writing, and math. For students who need to fulfill General Education curriculum requirements they may enroll in online courses on e-permit with the School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU-CUNY) contingent upon SLU availability of General Education classes during a given semester.

Applicants are also required to submit a resume and personal statement (provide a compelling 250-word essay describing your relevant experience and motivation for pursuing a major in Labor Studies).

Student Financial Support

of undergraduate students have their entire tuition covered by debtfree grants, scholarships, and waivers

 of CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies undergraduate students earn their degrees debt free

of undergraduate students have at least half of their tuition covered by debt-free grants, scholarships, and waivers