Please note: As of March 19, 2020, all of Worker Education’s classes, workshops, and advisement and tutoring sessions have been transferred to remote operations in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Murphy Institute LEAP to Teacher  (LTT) program enables the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) members employed with the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) to further pursue their education and advance their careers in teaching or other fields of study. The LTT program at Queens College provides a wide range of free support services to help our participants succeed academically and to accomplish their career objectives.  While you are pursuing your degree, we serve as your support system to accomplish your goals.

Academic Programs

Whether you are looking for initial or professional certification in teaching, or want to become a school counselor, school psychologist or school leader, Queens College is a great choice. Queens College was named one of top 20 best value colleges for teaching degrees and most affordable overall. A leader in preparing future educators, Queens College graduates the most teachers, counselors, and principals in the New York metropolitan area.

Queens College offers 97 registered programs that prepare teachers and other school professionals for New York State certification, including undergraduate programs in art teacher education, childhood education, English adolescent education, family and consumer science education teacher, mathematics adolescent education, music teacher education, physical education teacher, science adolescent education, social studies adolescent education, linguistics, and world languages.  All of the programs are approved by the New York State Education Department and lead to state certification. We are also accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), as well as the Council for Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP). Students can earn a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a post-master’s certificate in education.

If you are interested in furthering your education in but do not want to teach, schedule an appointment with our LEAP to Teacher Coordinator to help you find a suitable program.

Undergraduate Studies

In addition to Education programs, Queens College offers over 70 undergraduate programs on campus. These programs include (but are not limited to): Accounting, Business, Computer Science, English, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Law and Pre-Med.

To apply, visit Undergraduate Admissions.

Graduate Studies

There are over 100 master’s degree programs on campus. Whether you are pursuing your Master’s degree for professional and career advancement, personal fulfillment, public service or scholarly adventure. We are here to help you take the first step.

To apply, visit Graduate Admissions.

Academic Support

On Campus LTT Services

  • Assistance with admissions and registration process
  • Assistance with special opportunities including: scholarships, D.O.E Career Training Program (CTP) vouchers and financial assistance
  • Tutoring Services
  • Academic Advising
  • Enhanced Courses
  • Advisement post-graduation
  • Special Opportunities-
    • ACE Program
      Queens College offers adults over age 25 with few transfer credits the opportunity to pursue an accelerated bachelor’s degree program. ACE participants may apply for up to 36 tuition-free life achievement credits based on personal or professional experience. Thereafter, these students choose majors and electives.  For more information speak to a Murphy Institute Advisor.
  • The Murphy Institute Writing Center
    The Murphy Institute Writing Center at Queens College offers all writing support for students in the LEAP to Teacher program. The Writing Center also provides workshops, writing tips of the week, discussion forums, and newsletters. Students may schedule a phone, online, or in-person session by accessing the WCONLINE online scheduler. LEAP to Teacher students can contact Jean Soto, the Writing and Research Consultant, at 718-997-3079 or by emailing

On-Campus Courses

Enhanced Math Program

Our Enhanced Math Program is designed for applications who want to earn college credit while preparing for college level math and writing.

This class model provides additional instructional support hours that are designed to boost your overall class performance so you can advance in your college career.  During these classes, you will have additional instructional hours.  The main learning objectives of the course are taught along with basic skills instruction to enable you to develop a deeper understanding of the class content through interactive hands-on activities and team projects.  For more information, please contact your Site Coordinator.

Off-Campus LTT Services

The LEAP to Teacher program offers a variety of free non credit courses and workshops. These workshops/courses are designed to enhance students’ math and writing skills, and to prepare them for the New York State Teachers Certification Exams.

Educating All Students (EAS)

The EAS exam preparation workshop focuses on the skills needed to effectively teach diverse populations. The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Techniques to approach various multiple choice questions
  • Constructing an effective constructed written response
  • Test taking strategies.Please visit the test preparation workshops schedule to RSVP.

Combined Early Childhood and Childhood Multi-Subject (CST)

The CST exam preparation workshop focuses on the strategies required to be successful in the multi subject specialty test for grades K- 6th. The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Literacy and English Language Arts (Multiple choice and constructed written response)
  • Mathematics (multiple choice and Constructed written response)
  • Arts and Sciences (multiple choice)
  • Test taking strategies.Please visit the test preparation workshops schedule to RSVP.


The edTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment and support system that aspiring teachers must complete in order to become a NYC DOE teacher. It is designed to emphasize, measure, and support the skills and knowledge needed by all teachers in the classroom. The edTPA assessments, ranging from Pre-K – 12th grade, feature a common set of tasks focusing on Planning, Instruction, and Assessment. This workshop will cover the different tasks that must be completed in order to be successful with your edTPA portfolio. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to work with others to get support and to provide and receive peer feedback. Finally, it will help students understand and use the edTPA handbook and other support materials toward preparing their portfolios.

The workshop will review:

  • Task 1: Planning for Literacy Instruction and Assessment
  • Task 2: Instructing and Engaging Students in Learning
  • Task 3: Assessing Student Learning
  • Task 4: Assessing Student learning in Mathematics
  • Tips and tricks to use in order to help with a successful edTPA
  • The Do’s and Do-Not’s of your edTPAPlease visit the test preparation workshops schedule to RSVP.

The Mathematics for Future Teachers Course certificate program is a free course  that focuses on how to efficiently teach Pre-K and elementary mathematics. Running consecutively on Saturdays, students learn the importance of becoming an effective problem solver, how to identify common math misconceptions, as well as how to prepare for the CST exam.  Embedded tutoring is also provided. To apply for this course, please contact your Site Coordinator to complete an application.

As a collaborative effort, the LEAP to Teacher Program and the School of Education at CSI organize the annual Mathematics Connection Conference every May. The conference offers: a wide variety of interactive presentations, panel discussions, activities for children, specially designed for teachers and educational students.  Please contact your LTT advisor to get more information.