Queens College offers over 70 undergraduate programs on campus. The most popular majors pursued by our students are Business, Computer Science, Early Childhood Education (Birth – 2), Childhood Education (1 – 6), Economics, English, Graphic Design, History, Mathematics, Media Studies, Psychology, Secondary Education (7 – 12), Sociology, and Spanish.

Application Process

To apply for Admission to Queens College, click here and complete the on-line application. You may view instructions here.

Once your application is submitted, email our Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator, Francine.Sanchez@qc.cuny.edu or call 718-997-3048 so your application can be reviewed with our adult-friendly admissions criteria.

Students Returning to Queens College

If you are interested in resuming your undergraduate studies if you attended Queens College before, you will need to submit the Undergraduate Readmission Application and pay the $20.00.

Non-Degree/Visiting Students

You don’t have to matriculate to take classes at Queens College. Many courses, especially those offered in summer and winter, are available to visiting non-degree students.

Assessment Testing

All students attending CUNY must demonstrate readiness in reading, writing and math by taking the CUNY Assessment tests which are given at the College, free of charge.  An applicant can also demonstrate college-level readiness based on SAT, ACT or New York Regents test scores.  Applicant transcripts can also be reviewed to satisfy college-level readiness with at least one college-level course in Mathematics and English with a grade of “C” or better.

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies also provides free skills test prep courses that are available at our 43rd street location.

In order to set up an appointment for the CUNY Assessment test please contact the undergraduate admissions coordinator:  Francine Sanchez 718-997-3060.

Students with Disabilities

CUNY provides various testing accommodations for students with disabilities. A waiver for the Math test may also be available by registering with The Office of Special Services – (students must take the CUNY Assessment Test in Math at least once). For more information and requirements, contact The Office of Special Services at 718-997-5870.

Tuitions & Fees at Queens College

To learn more about tuition fees and payments at Queens College, please visit the Tuition & Fees Cost page.

Financial Aid Options at Queens College

Financial Aid Options at Queens College help you best understand the aid programs at Queens College, how to apply for these programs each academic year, how to avoid a variety of problems, and how to become an informed consumer.