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Beginning Feb. 2022, SLU will offer undergraduate programs in Community Leadership and Labor Relations at Charter Challenge High School Campus, providing a path for residents to earn an academic credential and start on the path towards attaining an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Read more.

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Miriam Uribe has been advocating for the undocumented and workers since her days as an undergrad. Now, as an M.A. in Labor Studies student and Diversity Scholar, she plans to use her degree to enhance her involvement in the domestic worker movement. Read more here.

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Click HERE for instructions to access campus and for further guidance on CUNY’s vaccination and testing policies. If you need any assistance contact the Help Desk by phone: 646-313-8440 or by email:

A Union Toolkit for Cooperative Solutions,  shares key lessons on ways labor unions are interacting with cooperative businesses to expand worker power through ownership and democratic governance.