The Learning Hub offers an array of programming to support SLU students in their coursework, including both one-to-one sessions and workshops. The Hub is staffed by professionals with years of teaching experience.

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For handouts from our workshops alongside links to other writing guides visit our Resources For Writers page.

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Michael Rymer, Associate Director

One-to-one Sessions


Writing sessions provide students the chance to talk about their work with a professional writer. Students are welcome to schedule an appointment at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming and outlining to fine-tuning a final draft. We can also help with managing a heavy reading load. Writing sessions can be in-person or online. Review the schedule and sign up.

Quantitative Reasoning

Are you working on a quantitative project? SLU’s Quantitative Reasoning Fellow is available for one-to-one sessions focused on developing survey tools and using SPSS, among other areas. Review the schedule and sign up.


One-to-one reference sessions allow students to connect with SLU’s librarian, Mason Brown. Mason can help students access SLU’s library databases and find quality sources for research projects. Students can sign up on our online schedule. Mason is also available to meet with students by appointment. Email him at

Digital Portfolios

Developing a digital portfolio that includes selected academic work, a bio and your resume can have many benefits for students, including for job searches and applications to graduate and professional programs. Our Digital Portfolios Specialist is available to work with students in one-to-one sessions. See the digital portfolios site for more information and sample portfolios.

Workshops and Events


What Students Say About the Learning Hub

In our post-session surveys, we ask students “What would you like your fellow students to know about the Learning Hub?” Here is what some of them have said.

Always helpful all the time. S. is a gem and always helps me organize my thoughts, especially when I get off track.

I learned how to organize my paper better and produce a better paper.

I want the other students to know that my experience at SLU Writing Hub is always exceptional. M. is very knowledgeable and we have been working together the entire semester. I have learned a lot from M. and I am grateful for M’s dedication. I give M. an A+++++

My sessions with Learning Hub allowed me to become a better writer.

It’s a great service that helps you understand your own writing, your concerns, and brings clarity to what is a difficult art to master.

I was given great insight on how to make my writing assignment better.

The Learning Hub team is fantastic. They help to break your project down into bite-sized pieces to reduce the stress and anxiety that can mount as you are approaching critical academic deadlines. I appreciate the clear, thoughtful, yet scholarly guidance.

Extremely helpful! S. was great at gently guiding me with helpful feedback without doing the work for me!

Really great resource and a great way to get help if you are stuck on a project or need help brainstorming.

I would like to tell fellow students that the Learning Hub helped me to organize my thoughts and write more concisely. My paper became much better with feedback from the writing consultant.

There’s no judgement, just helpful constructive criticism. I truly believe they want you to do well and really want you to win!!

I urge all SLU students to make it their priority to utilize the services and workshops provided by the SLU learning Hub. The Learning Hub provides excellent support and help for all SLU students regardless of how far along you may be in the graduate program. I’m currently working on my Capstone (Thesis) Project and I am still benefiting from the expert writing consultants at the Learning Hub. I have been utilizing this service each semester while attending SLU.

I would like to tell fellow students that the Learning Hub is a good way to learn new ideas for writing clearly. I was able to talk about my paper and receive a clearer understanding of my assignment.

It’s great to bounce ideas off of someone else. The suggestions are extremely helpful.

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