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The SLU Alumni Association ensures connections between alumni and the school remain strong.

In 2019, the inaugural SLU graduation was held, and the first official graduates of CUNY’s newest school walked across the stage. Our alumni network, however, consists of nearly forty years of graduating classes. The SLU alumni network includes those who have graduated from the Joseph S. Murphy Institute, formerly of the CUNY School of Professional Studies. Our alumni hold degrees and certificates in the fields of Labor and Urban Studies and represent a diverse and unique community of learners and practitioners.

SLU alumni strive to make their workplaces and communities more just and equitable, and they graduate with the tools necessary to make positive social change. They personify the school’s mission of dedication to public service and social justice.

We are enormously proud of our alumni, and whether it’s been two years or twenty-two years, we look forward to welcoming them back to their alma mater. We hope you will join us at an upcoming event, or sign-up to be a part of the alumni network. Please reach out and say hello and consider sharing your story with SLU! Write to us at alumni@slu.cuny.edu, and until soon.

Rochel Pinder-Cuffie, Director of Student & Community Affairs, CUNY SLU
Laura Meltzer, Alumni Association Coordinator, CUNY SLU


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Laura Meltzer
Alumni Association Coordinator

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Are you an alumna/alumnus of CUNY SLU or the Joseph S. Murphy Institute (CUNY School of Professional Studies)? Whether you graduated two years ago or twenty two years ago, we want to hear from you! Join School Of Labor and Urban Studies Alumni Association or contact us at alumni@slu.cuny.edu

Your Commencement

Attention SLU alumni, please visit the SLU commencement page to view your commencement book and recordings of past graduation celebrations.