The Technology Fee Advisory Committee was established in 2002 to develop the College’s plans for use of the revenues from the new student technology fee adopted by the University Board of Trustees. The committee was charged with developing a budget plan in accordance with guidelines established by the University as to the expenditure of these funds and to maximize input across the College community.  Student Technology Fees will be $125 per semester for full-time students and $62.50 for part time students in order to accommodate for increased expenses and inflation. To read the resolution passed by the Executive Community of the University Board of Trustees.

Students, Faculty and staff are encouraged to propose projects that enhance the student experience and quality of education at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies. The SLU Student Technology Committee accepts proposals that embrace innovative uses of technology and allow students to further their educational goals in the classroom and beyond.


Proposals should be submitted by email to

Applicants should direct any questions regarding hardware or software to

How Does the Student Technology Fee Work?

The Student Technology Fee (“Tech Fee”) was created as an interactive way to enhance technology available to students on all CUNY campuses. Fees collected from students are held in reserve to fund projects that have a “demonstrable affect” on the student body. Each campus has an advisory committee that consists of administrative staff, faculty and student representatives that oversee budget allocation and project approval however, Tech Fee is totally dependent on the entire college community for it’s functioning: without proposals submitted by students, faculty, and staff, there would be no projects to fund.

2019-2020 Student Technology Fee Awardees

Symplicity Career Services Manager (CSM). The goal of this project is to provide SLU students with a career and internship management system. Symplicity is an all-encompassing system that will allow students to make appointments with the career specialist for all the career services that are available to them (ex. interview preparation, professional resume writing, networking advice/ strategies, career transition and development exploration etc.). The system will allow SLU to keep track of meetings, write confidential notes, and have an overall understanding of students’ immediate concerns and needs so the School can create resources and tailor services based on these needs. For more information, contact in Student Affairs.

Digital Portfolio Project. The goal of this project is to create a digital portfolio system for students at SLU. Digital portfolios have been shown to both enhance student engagement and aid in job searches. This project will create a template for more widespread use of digital portfolios at SLU. For more information, contact in the Writing Center.


Student, Faculty, and Staff who wish to propose projects for the Student Technology Fee should fill out the form below for consideration.
Student Technology Fee Proposal Form