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Brightspace launches at CUNY SLU in Summer 2024

Welcome to the CUNY SLU LMS Transition page. This page has been created in anticipation of CUNY’s transition from Blackboard to Brightspace. Our goal is to keep the SLU community informed about the project’s progress and to serve as a central hub for essential materials.

LMS Transition Resources

Brightspace Transition Overview

Over the next two years, CUNY is transitioning to a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Brightspace by D2L.

The Board of Trustees approved Brightspace as the new LMS for all CUNY colleges following an extensive needs assessment and RFP process required by the expiration of the University’s contract with Blackboard. Brightspace was determined to be the LMS that best met CUNY’s needs. The transition to a new LMS will enable CUNY to expand online learning and continue to deliver engaging learning experiences using modern teaching and learning technology widely adopted by our peers.

The transition to Brightspace will span two and half years, from June 2023 to December 2025. Each college opted into one of the four Transition Group that best fit their schedule and workload. The groups will prepare for the transition at least a semester before starting teaching in Brightspace. A comprehensive training series and on-demand resources will be offered throughout the transition. To assist in this transition, SLU has hired an Academic Technology Specialist, Mowmita Jabir.

All courses at all colleges will be offered in Brightspace by Fall 2025. A detailed transition timeline is available on cuny.edu/lmstransition.

CUNY SLU aims to launch its initial set of courses on Brightspace in the summer of 2024