Collegiate Entry Program (CSTEP)

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) has developed a gateway program of study for eligible minority and underserved students wishing to enter the CUNY Law School, successfully complete the curriculum, and graduate ready to enter the profession as licensed attorneys having completed studies with a concentration in labor law.

The Leadership, Achievement, and Work (LAW) project has two major goals: 1) to prepare qualified underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals for entry to and successful matriculation in a program distinctively designed for educating undergraduate and graduate students who aspire to become licensed public interest attorneys in New York State; and 2) to instill in these students, through an emphasis in labor law, the four principles of social justice: equity, access, civic participation, and human rights.

To realize the aforementioned goals, project LAW at SLU will embody a comprehensive hybrid experience intended for enrolled CUNY students who, after matriculating through a traditional “face-to-face” curriculum aligned with a digital learning community especially created for the project, will advance, persist, and graduate from the experience ready to apply to and begin law school.

Project participants will include advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Participant students will register for a 10-week learning experience in either the summer, fall, or spring to familiarize students with the basics of the law profession, law study, and the process of applying to law school.