The governing body of the CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies pursuant to the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees is the Academic Governing Council (AGC). The AGC consist of all full-time, jointly-appointed, and consortial faculty. The Dean, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and the two Higher Education Officers (HEOs) who have primary responsibility for administration of the School’s two academic programs serve as ex-officio members without vote. At least one student from each department is elected in accordance to rules established by the student governing body; the ratio of student to faculty representation on the council shall not exceed 1:3. Students serve for up to three years; student elections shall be staggered to produce overlap between new and experienced student representatives. Initially, the AGC has the following standing committees: Steering and Elections Committee, Curriculum Committee, Admissions and Awards Committee, and Student Academic Appeals Committee. Students elect their representative members of each standing or ad hoc committee. All meetings of the Academic Governing Council are open to all members of the CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies community. For more information about the CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies AGC, visit

Academic Governing Council Student Representatives - Current

Sabrina Wallington, MA in Urban Studies

My name is Sabrina Wallington, I am a wife to a Reverend and mother. I am a member of the Minister Wives & Ministers Widows Association Internationally & Locally. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree Sociology from the College of New Rochelle (Summa Cum Laude). I am the Founder of a faith-based mentor program for disadvantaged youth in urban communities in Brownsville Brooklyn NY, a Director of a free prom dress program and the founder of the Chef For a Day program (bringing healthy food choices to urban communities as a means to combat hunger & various diseases that affect urban communities). I have been a Girl Scout Troop Leader for seven years. I am a passionate community servant with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals in identifying their potential and sharing their passion with others through service. I am interested in being a part of the Governance Council as a means continue my life in service to others as well as create spaces for people with a diverse economic background.

Thomas Glenn, MA in Labor Studies

I am seeking election to the SLU Academic Governing Council.  I am a first year graduate student in the MA in Labor Studies program.  For nearly the last two years, I have been employed as a Labor Relations Specialist for the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT).  Prior to that, I spent eighteen years as a public school teacher, local union president, vice-president, and secretary.  As such, I am well-versed in governance structures and procedures including but not limited to adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order.  I wish to serve on the Academic Governing Council because I believe the various professional roles I’ve held have given me broad insight into, and experience with, policy formulation, governance, and the leadership skillset necessary to fully represent the student body in this capacity.

Violetta Gomez-Uribe, BA Urban and Community Studies

I am a sophomore enrolled in the BA program in Urban and Community Studies, with a concentration in Labor Studies , and I am a Joseph Murphy Diversity Scholar. Professionally, I work as a civil servant at the Human Resources Administration were I serve as an Employment Counselor guiding homeless adults to gain employment skills to become independent. As an immigrant and DREAMER I have spent the last 15 years advocating for educational equity regardless of immigrant status, English proficiency or economic status. This trajectory provides me not only with the skills, but also the passion to both envision and create a diverse, safe and welcoming academic space for all students to thrive. I hope to continue this work as a student representative on the Academic Governing Council of SLU.

Nicolas Pineda, MA Labor Studies

My name is Nicolas Pineda and I’m a member of SLU’s inaugural graduating class of 2019.  I started out when our school was part of CUNY SPS as an undergrad certificate candidate.  The classes, and their real world applications, made me want to continue to press forward, and so I started attending full time.  I applied for the diversity scholarship twice and received it for my last year in what became SLU. I am now in the Advanced Certificate program, and hope to be enrolled in the Master’s program next semester, so I have some perspective on both undergraduate and graduate programs here, and I represent students in each. I have been an active student throughout my time here, and have spoken to the student body several times. I would like to be a part of paying forward all that have gained from CUNY SLU.