The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (CUNY SLU) is committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students and to fair treatment of all members of our campus community. The purpose of the Student Complaint Policy and Procedures is to ensure that student concerns about their experiences at SLU are addressed in a fair and timely manner.

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Non-academic Complaints

Students are encouraged to seek an informal resolution of the matter directly with the program staff or unit involved where possible. However, if an informal resolution is unsuccessful or not feasible, a formal complaint can be made by using the Complaint Form.

  1. All formal complaints must be made in writing and submitted using the student complaint form to . Please include all relevant documentation.
  2. Once the completed form is received a Student Affairs representative will notify appropriate staff and request any additional information needed to resolve the complaint.
  3. The Student Affairs representative may attempt to resolve the complaint by encouraging discussion between the student(s) and the unit staff member (s) or by taking the appropriate action to resolve the complaint. A record of all complaints and their resolution will be kept in the Director of Student & Community Affairs Office.
  4. Annually, a committee will be convened to review and assess the data compiled from all recorded complaints. The committee will determine any relevant patterns and make recommendations to reduce future complaints.

Other Complaints and Related Resources

If a student has a complaint concerning any of the following matters that are covered by other CUNY policies, the student should visit the link below that best fits their area of concern.