Brightspace launches at CUNY SLU in Summer 2024

The CUNY wide transition will unfold gradually over a two-year period, with four groups of campuses transitioning during consecutive semesters: fall 2023, spring 2024, fall 2024, and spring 2025. CUNY SLU is part of the first transition group and will be one of the first to compleate transition to Brightspace.

Transition Process Timeline

Current Stage of Transition 
The central Brightspace environment is now complete, customization of college specific instances has began. Initial migration of courses from Summer 2023 will be completed by December 15 and instructors will begin working in their courses to update them for delivery in Summer 2024.

For the most up to date transition timeline with past and future events please see,


We appreciate any feedback you may have to offer. Your input will help us streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and ensure a smooth transition for all. Thank you for being a part of this exciting journey!

CUNY SLU aims to launch its initial set of courses on Brightspace in the summer of 2024