DC37 is dedicated to the empowerment of its members through education and career advancement.  DC37 has a longstanding relationship with the Urban Studies Program at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU), and many members have graduated with a SLU Urban Studies B.A. or M.A. or one of our three certificates, undergraduate or advanced.  Certificate credits transfer directly into the B.A. or M.A. in Urban Studies, depending on academic level.

Urban Studies draws on the perspectives and methodologies of sociology, economics, political science, geography, urban planning, and anthropology to analyze the contemporary city in a global perspective.  Our faculty provide cutting-edge research and innovative instruction that explores how urban living impacts workers, working-class communities, and marginalized groups, and how these populations mobilize to shape the city and improve lives.

DC37 members may have access to financial support for Urban Studies degrees and certificates beyond the DC37 Education Fund’s tuition reimbursement.  In addition, the DC37 Education Fund fully funds the four-course Labor Studies concentration, one of the options in the Urban Studies B.A. Program. (See “Other Programs at SLU” below).

Degree and Certificate Programs at SLU

  • The BA. in Urban and Community Studies will provide DC37 members with an overview of major urban, socio-economic, and political issues as they relate to diverse working communities. Classes explore the dynamics of urban and community life, public policy and administration, the structure of urban government and agencies, the delivery of public services, and community and labor organizing.
  • The MA. in Urban Studies is designed for DC37 members, already holding a B.A., who are interested in studying the political, economic, and social dynamics of contemporary urban life. Blending theory with practice, the program emphasizes urban problems and solutions, public policy, community organizing, social change and social movements, and the needs of the urban workforce.
  • Public Administration and Public Policy Certificates (undergraduate and graduate) will provide DC37 members with a solid grounding in the structure of public agencies and other administrative bodies and is for members interested in government, interest group, and political decision-making.  Members will learn about major issues that American cities face, and the policies designed to address them.  On the graduate level, members will learn the theories behind government policy and public-sector management and develop critiques of current urban policy implementation.
  • The Healthcare Leadership and Advocacy Certificates (undergraduate and graduate) are for DC37 members interested in learning about decision-making in healthcare policy, disparities of healthcare availability, and how healthcare services address health crises and challenges.  On the graduate level, members will analyze future trends in healthcare management, study organizational change theory and leadership best practices, and explore the importance of data collection, analysis, and research to support evidence-based policy development.
  • Community Leadership Certificates (undergraduate and graduate) will provide DC37 members with the knowledge and experience needed to address issues facing urban residents through community-level work.  Members will learn how communities are organized, how nonprofit groups serve their constituents, and how community engagement can result in social progress and political power.  The graduate level covers the critical, theoretical, as well as pragmatic aspects of community development and urban policy.

Eligible DC37 members may take a series of four-course (12- to 16-credit) college-level programs—with tuition fully funded by the DC37 Education Fund (excluding application fees and books)—towards SLU’s undergraduate and graduate certificates in labor relations, Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies (with a concentration in labor studies) and Master’s degree in Labor Studies. These programs offer a comprehensive overview of union-side labor relations in the public sector. Students will gain the practical skills and knowledge necessary for effective leadership in the areas of collective bargaining, union administration, organizing, and labor law.

About SLU & Eligibility

SLU offers a small-college experience with the resources of the largest urban public university in the country. The campus is conveniently located in mid-Manhattan, just steps away from both Grand Central Station and Times Square. SLU’s wraparound student support services include:

  • Pre-admissions advisement and application assistance
  • One-to-one academic advisement and student support services including supplemental instruction, individualized tutoring and specialized student success workshops, and health and wellness counseling
  • Career counseling including specialized workshops on networking, résumé development, interviewing for a job, etc.

To receive the tuition reimbursement benefit, DC37 members must apply to and receive confirmation from the DC37 Education Fund prior to submitting a CUNY application.

For the tuition reimbursement benefit, visit DC37 Education Fund: Tuition Reimbursement.

For the Labor Leadership partnership program, visit DC37 Education Fund Benefits: DC37 Education Fund CUNY Labor Relations Certificate.

To learn more about all the benefits and classes the DC37 Education Fund has to offer, visit here.  Should you have questions about your eligibility for benefits, call (212) 815-1700 or email edfund@DC37.net.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, visit the slu.cuny.edu/admissions to find instructions on how to complete your CUNY application and submit the necessary supporting documents and the required application fee ($70 undergraduate level, $75 graduate level).

For more information or help with your CUNY application, contact the SLU Admissions Office at (646) 313-8300 or admissions@slu.cuny.edu.