NEW! Expanded Educational Opportunities for DC 37 Members at CUNY SLU

DC 37 is dedicated to the empowerment of its members through education and career advancement. To create a ladder to professional success for its members, and to cultivate a new generation of rank-and-file union leaders, DC 37’s longstanding relationship with the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies has been expanded to include new course offerings for eligible members interested in learning more about labor relations and the labor movement.

Eligible members may take a series of four-course (12- to 16-credit) college-level programs—with tuition fully funded by the DC 37 Education Fund*—towards SLU’s undergraduate and graduate certificates in labor relations, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Labor Studies. Upon completion of all new program benefits, DC 37 members may have access to additional educational support including tuition reimbursement.

These programs offer a comprehensive overview of union-side labor relations in the public sector. Students will gain the practical skills and knowledge necessary for effective leadership in the areas of collective bargaining, union administration, organizing, and labor law. Funded programs include:

* Excludes application fee and books.

Programs, Applying and Eligibility

DC 37 Education Fund
To receive the tuition benefit, DC 37 members must FIRST complete a DC 37 Education Fund Benefits application prior to submitting a CUNY SLU application.
Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Based on your program of interest, please review the DC 37 Eligibility Requirements chart to confirm your eligibility.
  2. Submit your DC 37 Education Fund Benefits Application: DC 37/CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU) Labor Certificate & Degree Programs. Should you have questions about your eligibility or the application, call (212) 815-1700 or email
  3. Once you have received confirmation that your DC 37 application has been submitted, visit to find instructions on how to complete your CUNY application and submit the necessary supporting documents and the required application fee ($70 undergraduate level, $75 graduate level).
  4. For more information or help with your application, contact the SLU Admissions Office at (646) 313-8300 or  Make sure to mention that you are reaching out with regard to the “DC 37 Labor Leadership” partnership.

More Educational Opportunities

Lillian Roberts Endowed Scholarship

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies in collaboration with AFSCME and District Council 37 are proud to announce the Lillian Roberts Endowed Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to help members and the children of members of AFSCME & DC 37 pursue their goals of higher education.

For assistance and to obtain additional information contact Laura Meltzer, SLU’s coordinator of the DC 37 Labor Leadership Partnership at

DC 37/CUNY SLU Student Testimonial

DC 37 Education Fund Eligible SLU Programs

The Undergraduate Certificate in Labor Relations provides a comprehensive overview of union-side labor relations in the public sector. Classes are open to eligible members interested in learning more about the labor movement, labor relations, and unionism.

The Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies prepares students to enter the workforce with the knowledge of current issues such as employee rights to a workplace, learn how to manage people within a corporation, government, or a community organization, and represent employees as a union leader or staff member. Students are also prepared for advanced study in the field, including the MA in Labor Studies, or those interested in pursuing a law degree, or a professional master’s degree in human resources or labor relations.

The Graduate Certificate in Labor Relations offers DC 37 members the opportunity to develop the practical skills necessary to participate in collective bargaining, conflict resolution, and contract administration. It also provides a theoretical and historical understanding of labor law, public policy and the role of worker organizations in employment relations.

The Master’s degree in Labor Studies program draws from the fields of sociology, law, history, economics, political science and labor relations to examine the opportunities and challenges facing workers and their organizations.  This MA program will strengthen the ability of DC 37 members to advocate for equity and social justice in their communities and workplaces. Students develop critical thinking, analytical and leadership skills, while learning about labor law, organizing, collective bargaining, international perspectives, labor relations and strategic research.

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