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Labor Studies and Union Semester
Rob Callaghan

Urban Studies and Community Semester
Cherise Mullings

The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies offers master’s level degrees and certificates that are designed to meet the needs of adults who are looking to further their knowledge and advance in their careers.

MA in Labor Studies

The MA in Labor Studies degree program draws from the fields of sociology, law, history, economics, political science and labor relations to examine the opportunities and challenges facing workers and their organizations.  The program strengthens the ability of students to advocate for equity and social justice in their communities and workplaces.  Students develop critical thinking, analytical and leadership skills, while learning about labor law, organizing, collective bargaining, international perspectives, labor relations and strategic research. Learn more.

MA in Urban Studies

The MA in Urban Studies degree program is designed for students pursuing both scholarly and professional interests in the political, economic, and social dynamics of contemporary urban life. Blending theory with practice, the program offers a particular emphasis on urban problems and solutions, public policy, community organizations and community organizing, social change and social movements, civic engagement, the urban workforce, the administration of public agencies, and the delivery of public services. Learn more.

Advanced Certificate in Labor Relations

The Advanced (Graduate) Certificate in Labor Relations offers students the opportunity to develop the practical skills necessary for participation in collective bargaining, conflict resolution, and contract administration. It also provides a theoretical and historical understanding of labor law, public policy and the role of worker organizations in employment relations. Learn more.

Advanced Certificate in Labor Studies

The Advanced (Graduate) Certificate in Labor Studies serves the educational needs of seasoned labor leaders, professional union staff, as well as union members and activists who want to advance their careers and enhance their contributions to the labor movement. Learn more.

Advanced Certificate in a Community Leadership

The Advanced (Graduate) Certificate in Community Leadership provides students with the educational and professional credentials to help them pursue leadership-path careers in public service, specifically in locally serving nonprofits, community advocacy organizations, government agencies, and elected office. Learn more.

Advanced Certificate in Leading Change in Healthcare Systems

The Advanced (Graduate) Certificate in Leading Change in Healthcare Systems provides professional development for administrative and professional workers in New York City’s health care industry. An important professional credential, the advanced certificate provides health care employees in both public and private health care systems an opportunity to advance their careers and serve the public more effectively. Learn more.

Advanced Certificate in Public Administration and Public Policy

The Advanced (Graduate) Certificate in Public Administration and Policy provides a master’s level education for students interested in legislation, government agencies, and social services. The Certificate is a valuable professional credential for workers in the public and non-profit sectors, and for students pursuing scholarly interests in government affairs at the federal, state, and municipal levels. Learn more.

Advanced Certificate in Workplace Democracy and Community Ownership

The Advanced (Graduate) Certificate in Workplace Democracy and Community Ownership offers students theoretical and practical skills necessary for effective democratic engagement in our economy; at work and in our communities. The program allows students to explore the details of how democratic management and cooperative ownership can function. Learn More.