The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies offers undergraduate degree and certificate programs for students who have already earned 24 or more credits at a previous accredited institution.

We are delighted that you are considering CUNY SLU as the destination to pursue your undergraduate degree and advance your academic aspirations. SLU’s undergraduate programs are carefully crafted to cater to the requirements of both traditional-age students and adult learners who are looking to begin, transition into, or successfully finish a bachelor’s degree program.

Please take a moment to explore the programs listed below, and do not hesitate to contact our enrollment specialists with any questions you might have.

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Labor Studies and Union Semester
Rob Callaghan

Urban Studies and Community Semester
Cherise Mullings

Undergraduate Degrees

The Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies degree program is designed for students with a strong interest in labor, unions, and the workplace. The curriculum is designed to span the interdisciplinary field of labor studies, including courses in history, sociology, law and political science, as well as those which explore the internal dynamics of labor relations and labor organizations. The program builds critical thinking, analytical, and leadership skills so that students become more effective advocates for workers’ rights and social justice. Learn more.

The Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Community Studies degree program is designed for students with interests in urban, social, economic, and political issues, especially as they relate to diverse working-class communities. The program allows students to explore the dynamics of urban and community life, public policy and administration, the structure of urban government and agencies, the delivery of social services, and community and labor organizing. Learn more.

Undergraduate Certificates

The Undergraduate Certificate in Labor Relations, provides NYC area union members, officers, staff, and many others with practical knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to navigate their workplaces and to be effective practitioners in the field of labor and industrial relations. Learn more.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Labor Studies is designed for individuals who want to study the social, political and cultural impact that the organization of work has on employees and their communities. The certificate offers students an understanding of work, workers and labor organizations. Learn more.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Community Leadership provides students with the skills to help them participate effectively in political processes on behalf of communities. The curriculum of the Certificate in Community Leadership draws on a variety of academic disciplines to provide students with the knowledge and experience needed to address issues facing urban residents through community-level work. Learn more.

The Certificate in the Urban Experience is a unique educational opportunity for organizations that seek to strengthen their members’ literacy and numeracy skills and/or prepare them to enter into the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts program in Urban and Community Studies at the School of Labor and Urban Studies or other CUNY degree programs. Students enrolled in the program will gain an interdisciplinary understanding of cities and the role unions and other organizations play in ensuring equal participation of all groups in a society that is mutually shaped to meet their needs. Learn More.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Public Administration and Public Policy provides students with a basic understanding of government agencies, social services, and the policymaking process. The Certificate is a valuable educational and professional credential for workers in the public and non-profit sectors, and for students interested in government, interest groups and political decision-making. Learn more.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership and Advocacy provides a basic academic foundation and professional development for administrative and professional workers in New York City’s health care industry. An important professional credential, the certificate offers health care employees in both public and private health care systems an opportunity to advance their careers and serve the public more effectively. Learn more.

The Certificate in Organizing and Social Change provides students with the theoretical and historical foundations as well as with the practical skills required to pursue careers as organizers for social change in their communities and workplaces. The curriculum of the Certificate draws on a variety of academic disciplines – sociology, political science, history, urban studies, labor studies, etc. – to provide students with a multifaceted knowledge base and skillset necessary for effective participation in a wide range of organizing contexts: from local community organizations to labor unions to national political campaigns. Learn more.