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Labor Studies and Union Semester
Rob Callaghan
Main: 212-857-1968

Urban Studies and Community Semester
Cherise Mullings
Main: 212-642-2059

For students who are interested in high-impact and practical learning, CUNY SLU offers two academic internship programs. Both initiatives provide support in career building opportunities to help students solidify their interests in either labor studies or urban and community issues. For those students looking for a deeper understanding of the labor and urban studies disciplines, they can get a sense of what the major is like, test their interest in the field and make professional connections through the following two full-time internship opportunities:

New York Union Semester and Community Semester are one of a kind full-time semester-long academic internships that combine rigorous academic study with first-hand experience within the labor movement and community organizing.

Students in the programs are paired with unions, worker-rights organizations and community organizations to gain practical skills and learn first-hand the strategies these organizations use to fight for workers’ rights and empower communities throughout New York City.