Transfer Credit Explorer

You can use this website to see course equivalencies from CUNY to CUNY, in any direction, from any college to any other college.

Bachelor of Arts

All bachelor’s degree candidates are eligible to transfer up to 90 academic credits from previous educational institutions. Students must successfully complete at least 30 academic credits after matriculation to the degree in a Bachelor of Arts program at the CUNY School for Labor and Urban Studies.

During the transfer evaluation process, courses taken at other institutions are used to fulfill CUNY SLU requirements, where possible. The credit value of transferred courses is assigned to match the credit value of the equivalent course. Other acceptable forms of transfer credit include credit for college-level subject-area examinations such as CLEP, UExcel or DANTES/DSST; and credit for ACE-evaluated corporate or military training.

Official transfer credit evaluations are made after CUNY SLU has received all final and official transcripts from all institutions attended, and a student is accepted into the program. All transfer credit evaluations must be approved by the Chair of the Department. Students can expect to receive the official transfer credit evaluation prior to registering for their first term of enrollment.  Transfer credit grades do not compute into the bachelor’s degree grade point average.

For more information about the transfer credit policy at CUNY SLU, please contact BA academic advisor.


Students who are currently enrolled in a degree program at a CUNY campus starting with the Spring 2019 may register for CUNY courses through ePermit. In many cases, CUNY SLU courses are considered equivalent to and may be substituted for courses in CUNY degree programs. Through ePermit, students file an online request to take a CUNY SLU course. As part of the ePermit process, registrars and faculty advisors at the student’s home college must approve this request. Students are kept informed via email of the status of their permit requests. If the student’s home college rejects the request, he or she is notified via email, with the reason indicated in the email message. SLU students may use the ePermit process to take courses at other CUNY schools that may satisfy some of the General Education/Pathway requirements for undergraduate degree programs. How to apply for ePermit

Master of Arts

Once admitted into the MA programs, Labor Studies students may transfer from 3 to 12 academic credits and Urban Studies student may transfer from 3 to 9 academic credits from previous graduate programs into the degree, provided that the courses were completed with a grade of B or higher within five years of the time of application and are equivalent to comparable courses in the program.

Newly-enrolled students should work with their academic advisor in the first semester to complete the transferal process. Students applying to transfer credits must provide a course description and syllabus. The Department Chair will review these materials and evaluate transfer credits for their equivalence to specific courses and consistency with program learning objectives, standards, and norms.

Exceptions to these requirements may be considered under special circumstances, but students must present authoritative evidence of sufficient and current competence in the learning objectives of the courses whose credits the student wishes to transfer.

Prospective Labor Studies students wishing to discuss previous graduate credits and transfer eligibility should contact Irene Garcia-Mathes, Academic Advisor for the MA in Labor Studies, at

Prospective Urban Studies students wishing to discuss previous graduate credits and transfer eligibility should contact Samina Shahidi, Academic Advisor for the MA in Urban Studies, at