Please note that all workshops will be conducted via Zoom. Registrants will receive a Zoom link prior to the workshop.

All workshops run from 6:15pm-7:30pm unless otherwise indicated.

Wednesday, 9/15 – How to Use the Library

In this workshop, SLU’s librarian and our IT Team will walk students through the basics of accessing library resources online. There will be plenty of time for questions.

Saturday, 9/18 – How to Write a Literature Review I: Research  (12:15pm-1:30pm)

This workshop will introduce key skills for the first stages of writing a literature review, including identifying areas of focus and finding quality sources. Participants will have the opportunity to practice these skills in the workshop.

Sunday 9/19 – How to Develop a Survey (1:15-2:30pm)

This workshop introduces students to core concepts underlying survey design. Students will practice evaluating survey examples across research areas relevant to urban or labor studies. All are welcome to join, but this workshop is specifically designed for students who are working on a survey for a Capstone project, or plan to do so next semester.

Friday, 9/24 – How to Read with Confidence

Good writing stems from good reading. In this workshop, we’ll talk about techniques that can help you get more out of your reading, save you time and lead to better writing.

Saturday, 9/25 – How to Use the Databases  (12:15-1:30)

Searching the databases is a fundamental skill for academic research. In this workshop, our SLU librarian will share tips for successful searches.

Sunday 9/26 – How to Plan your Data Analysis (1:15-2:30pm)

This workshop will help students use their surveys to anticipate and meet their data analysis needs. While this workshop is most useful for Capstone students who have not yet begun data collection, any student working on or thinking about working on a quantitative research project is welcome.

Saturday, 10/2 – How to Write a Literature Review II: Writing (12:15pm-1:30pm)

This workshop will introduce participants to strategies for writing a literature review through reading and discussing a model literature review.

Monday, 10/4 – How to Use Zotero

Zotero is a program that helps researchers keep track of citations. This workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals for this time-saving tool.

Friday, 10/8 – How to Write Clear Sentences 

Sentences are the building blocks of good writing. In this workshop, we’ll review some common issues that can make sentences confusing and share tips for writing clear ones.

Saturday, 10/16 – How to Synthesize  (12:15-1:30)

Synthesis is a skill that’s critical for writing research papers, literature reviews, and capstones, and-even response papers on more than one article. Writers use synthesis in any assignment where they are asked to bring together more than two sources. In this workshop, participants will learn this fundamental skill through practice, moving from identifying patterns in two texts to drafting writing that makes connections between them.