6 Great Reasons to Enroll
at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies

1. Enroll in a school dedicated to public service and social justice

Whether you are—or want to be—engaged in the delivery of public services, a social justice activist, or interested in shaping public policy and practice, SLU is the place for you. Our programs focus on the issues confronting poor and working-class people in the workplace and in their communities. Click here to learn more about SLU.


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2. Study the city, its problems, and the policies designed to change them

SLU’s Urban Studies programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement public policy. While some students focus on politics, power, community organizing, and elected office, others concentrate on government agencies, public administration and the delivery of services to the community. Learn more about our Urban Studies Programs.

3. Study the world of work, workers and organizing

Students in SLU’s Labor Studies programs acquire the knowledge and skills they need to advocate for workers in the workplace and in broader society. Some students are, or seek to be, leaders: shop stewards, organizers, union officers or movement leaders. Others seek to be researchers and labor scholars. SLU’s degree programs offer study in politics, economics, history, and social movements. Certificate program in labor relations include courses in labor law, organizing, collective bargaining, and a host of other topics that provide students with the practical skills to advocate effectively for workers. Click here to learn more about our Labor Studies program.

4. Enroll in a program for thinkers and doers

SLU is not only a great place to learn inside and outside of the classroom, it’s a place to get to know thinkers and doers in your area of interest. Faculty include world-renowned scholars as well as movement-building and policy-making practitioners. Many of SLU’s students are themselves decision makers in government, non-profit organizations, and labor unions. The school organizes monthly forums and national conferences that attract prominent speakers and address some of the most pressing and challenging issues facing the world today. Check out our blog here. 

5. Certify your skills and advance your career

SLU can help you further your career, change your career, or make your job both a cause and a career. SLU offers graduate and undergraduate degrees, and stackable credit-bearing certificates that can be applied towards a degree. Whether you’re seeking to advance yourself, pursue your passion, or make a difference, SLU is the place for you.

SLU Graduates Have Gone on to Become:

  • Leaders in Government agencies
  • Community Organizers
  • Elected Officials
  • Nonprofit Executive Directors
  • Leaders in Health Care
  • Labor Organizers
  • Labor Law Attorneys
  • Labor Leaders
  • Researchers
  • Political Directors
  • More engaged in civic and labor activities

6. Join a small, supportive learning environment

SLU offers evening classes and is conveniently located in mid-Manhattan. It has a student/faculty ratio of 11 to 1, and offers small classes, pro-active advisement and individualized tutoring, a robust Writing Center, career counseling, financial support, and one of the most comprehensive academic and administrative support systems anywhere. Click here to hear from some of our students.