Students will have the opportunity to submit a learning portfolio in support of their petition to the academic department for the award of equivalent academic credit for select courses.  Portfolios are in a specific format and consist of a) the description of how the course petitioned for academic credit fits the academic plan, b) an extended Learning Narrative arguing that the prior learning matches the course’s learning objectives, and 3) documentation of evidence to verify and support statements in the Learning Narrative.

Portfolio Development Support

The writing, submission, and evaluation process of the Learning Portfolio will be covered in a Portfolio Development course, which is currently under development.  This course will help students to identify their prior college-level learning, search for a course equivalency, and support their putting together a portfolio used to petition the academic departments for credit recognition.  The course also includes submission of the first portfolio.  Students are only required to take the Portfolio Development course once, after which they can submit additional portfolios.  Eligible B.A. students can be awarded up to 30 credits for their prior learning, provided they complete at least 30 credits in courses taken at SLU (residency requirement).


Steve Greenfeld, Ph.D.
CPL Lead