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Through its research and analysis, IPLCE and TUED equip the labor movement, climate justice initiatives, community leaders and activists with relevant and up-to-date facts and arguments they can use to inform and mobilize their peers and constituencies.

TUED’s series of “Working Papers” expands and clarifies the network’s collective understanding of the scientific, economic, ecological, policy and political realities, and the strategic opportunities available to unions to advance the interests of working people and communities (this is because the subject is “series” which takes the singular form).

  • Transition in Trouble? The Rise and Fall of “Community Energy” in Europe, Working Paper #13, March 2020
  • The Road Less Travelled: Reclaiming Public Transport for Climate Mobility, Working Paper #12, May 2019
  • Trade Unions and Just Trasition, Working Paper #11, April 2018

For all past Working Papers, visit TUED’s website.

IPLCE produces a column, “Earth to Labor: Dispatches from the Climate Battleground” written by Sean Sweeney and published in the journal, New Labor Forum. These columns highlight pressing issues and struggles concerning labor, energy and climate change. including the rising global opposition to fossil fuels and the “extreme energy” agenda.

For all past “Earth to Labor” columns, visit the complete New Labor Forum archive.

TUED regularly produces original policy memos and strategy briefing documents aimed to inform and sharpen deliberations across the labor movement and among labor, environmental and climate justice activists and organizations, and to help formulate concrete policy and political interventions that can advance the struggle for climate justice, energy democracy, and Just Transition.