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About the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies
As the newest school in The City University of New York system, CUNY SLU’s mission is to expand higher education opportunities for workers; prepare students who aspire to careers in public service and movements for social justice; promote civic engagement and help workers achieve provide leadership development for union and community activists; and help workers greater economic security.
CUNY SLU's undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates are designed to provide students with the academic and technical skills needed for professional advancement. Our programs inspire students to pursue their passions
Labor Studies

Examine the opportunities and challenges facing workers, and their organizations, and become a more effective advocate for workers’ rights.

Urban Studies

Explore how cities—their politics and policies, economy, and social structure— impact workers, and marginalized groups.

Experiential & Credit for Prior Learning

For students interested in high-impact academics and hands-on experience or students interested in earning college-level credits for learning acquired outside of the classroom.

What Makes CUNY SLU Unique
Small, supportive learning environment 1:11 faculty to student ratio
Scholarships and union/employer partnerships
2 in 3 students receive tuition support
Excellent student support and advisement
one-on-one academic support and advisement
University Overview
CUNY SLU takes great pride in our school community
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More Than Just a School
SLU has a highly regarded reputation for serving as a hub for public programming, worker education, and civic engagement
Public Programing

SLU organizes public forums and academic conferences. These events bring together labor leaders and activists to engage in intellectually rigorous debate on the most pressing issues.

Worker Education

These events bring together labor leaders and activists to engage in intellectually rigorous debate on the most pressing issues.

Research and Multimedia

As a thriving community hub for civic engagement, SLU publishes a broad range of scholarly research as well as a TV show about challenges facing workers and a podcast.

Our Vision
Our vision derives from our core values: access to education, diversity at every level, social justice, and equality for all.
“It’s one of the best educations you can get in the City. If you are interested in government, social justice, or how anything intersects with social justice and need to come to CUNY SLU. It is the only place you’re going to get that deep experience.”
- Justin Sanchez, B.A. in Urban and Community Studies