July 2nd 6PM-8PM--Organizing Palestinian Workers in Israeli West Bank Settlements

For decades the Palestinian workers in the occupied West Bank Settlements were exploited by Israeli employers as these industrial zones were left as no man’s land in terms of workers’ rights and safety inspections. While Palestinian unions based in the Palestine Authority are forbidden to enter these zones or to represent these workers, the biggest Israeli union, the Histadrut, has not taken an interest in their situation. Read More

Featuring: Assaf Adiv of WAC MAAN-an independent trade union center in Israel

WAC MAAN, a progressive union based in Israel, has created a new model for defending the labor rights of Palestinian workers. WAC MAAN has succeeded in organizing and regulating the work conditions of Palestinians working in Israeli-owned workplaces in the settlements. The union’s success has inspired workers to adopt a new perspective of how to gain their rights. Assaf Adiv, the executive director and founder of WAC MAAN will elaborate on the situation, basing his presentation on a new report to be published by WAC MAAN soon.

Read more about WAC MAAN on its website: www.wac-maan.org.il

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