Michael Giliberti has nearly twelve years of experience in higher education administration, particularly student financial operations. In 2019, he joined SLU as Bursar Director and built a successful blueprint for what would become the Office of Student Accounts (OSA). OSA consists of Bursar Operations, College Scholarships, Campus Depository Services, and a One-Stop. During his tenure, Michael has been responsible for issuing millions of dollars in public and private funds to students via various scholarship and tuition payment programs. Additionally, he has been instrumental in working with numerous institutional areas to expand opportunities, deploy new technology, develop sustainable business policies, and enhance staff efficiency. Prior to his career in higher education, Michael worked in banking, revenue management, and private accounting. He holds a B.A. from Saint John’s University in Business Law and Corporate Communications, and a Master’s in Public Administration from John Jay College with a dual concentration in Organizational Assessment and Auditing. Michael is committed to fairness, equity, accountability, and enforcing sound fiscal practices throughout the campus community.