Services and resources located on this page can be accessed at the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies campus.

IT Service Desk offers a comprehensive range of in-person services to serve the needs of students, staff and faculty. The Laptop Loaner Program provides a convenient solution for individuals who require temporary access to a laptop for academic purposes. The Computer Lab is a well-equipped facility where users can access specialized software and hardware resources to complete their projects and assignments efficiently. Printing services are also available on-site, allowing users to produce essential documents conveniently within the campus premises. Additionally, the IT Service Desk assists in issuing ID cards, ensuring smooth access to campus facilities and services while maintaining security and privacy standards.

Laptop Loaner Program

Laptop Loaner Form

Students seeking to borrow a laptop must read and complete Laptop Loaner Form

Laptop Specifications and Software

The loaner is a Windows-based PC that comes with standard software and a power adapter. The laptops are internally equipped with Wi-Fi for use where wireless access exists. In addition all laptops are have pre-installed MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, as well as other SLU-approved software.

Computer Lab and Printing

Student Computer Lab is located on the 19th floor, room 1918. Students are able to print in 8.5” x 11” letter size format in black and white.
Computer Lab Printing Guide