CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies has computer lab access on a drop-in basis. Our lab is located on the 19th floor directly in front of the writing center. For registered students, we offer the first 250 pages of printouts free of charge. Our workstations have all the latest applications necessary for completing coursework. Just present your ID to the receptionist and then use our lab. Remember, there are no reservations. Its first come, first serve.

Laptop Kiosk

SLU is proud to offer students laptop rentals. Right next to our computer lab we have a laptop kiosk with laptops for student rentals. Simply enter your EMPLID on the touchscreen and the next available laptop will pop out of its charger ready for use. Each laptop has the latest applications for coursework and may be used anywhere on the 18th or 19th floors. Again, remember there are no reservations so first come, first serve.

When you are done simply return the laptop to any available empty slot and your done.

Please Note: If laptops are not returned within 24 hours, a charge will be incurred for the value of the laptop. So remember to bring it back as soon as your done.