How to Apply

Step 1: Determine Your College Choices and Academic Programs

You can apply to multiple campuses using a single application. You should determine your college choices and academic programs before starting your application. Be sure to review the Admission Profile for last year’s admitted class.

The priority Application deadline for Fall is February 1 and Spring is September 15. Find more information about deadlines.

Step 2: Create a CUNY Application Account Or Log into your CUNYFirst Account

Visit the CUNY Application page to get started. We recommend that you complete the application using a desktop computer and not on a mobile or tablet device.

Step 3: Fill Out the Online Application

You will be presented with several pages of questions to complete. Complete the questions on each page.

REMINDER: Freshmen applicants can select up to 6 college choices, while Transfer applicants can select up to 4 college choices. All applicants will receive an admission decision from each college listed on their application.

Step 4: Pay Your Application Fee

After you have completed each section of the application you will be prompted to pay your application fee. You can pay your application fee online using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express or electronic check. You can also submit a money order payable to ‘CUNY’ to the University Application Processing Center.

The application fee is $65 for Freshman applicants and $70 for Transfer applicants.

*The application fee is non-refundable.
**Current CUNY students are exempt from paying the transfer application fee.
***Veterans of the United States Military Service, currently on Active Duty or members of the National Guard or Reserves may obtain an application fee waiver.

Step 5: Submit Your Application

After you submit your application you will be able to print or download a copy of your Application Summary. You can find your CUNYfirst ID number (an 8 digit number) on your Application Summary. You will need your CUNYfirst ID number for submitting supporting documents.

Step 6: Submit Your Supporting Documents

All documents are to be submitted to the University Application Processing Center. You will need your CUNYfirst ID number (an 8 digit number) when submitting supporting documents. Below is a general list of documents you will need to submit:

Once your application is submitted, email our Undergraduate Admissions Coordinator, or call 718-997-3048 so your application can be reviewed with our adult-friendly admissions criteria. . 

Helpful Hints

  • Please allow approximately 30 to 60 minutes to complete the application.
  • You’ll find the process much faster if you gather the following information before you start the application:
    • Previous education history
    • Citizenship information
    • Family background data
    • Credit card information
    • Initial thoughts for your personal essay (goals, reason for applying, and experience)
  • If for any reason you cannot complete the application immediately, you may save it and complete it later.
  • This application has a START OVER button. If you select this button, all information that you have entered will be deleted.
  • If at any point during the application process you have any questions, please call (646) 313-8300, email If you are experiencing technical problems, please contact the CUNY SLU Help Desk at (646) 313-8300 or email