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Any portion of your tuition and fees may be deferred if authorization is provided from a third-party sponsor (i.e., employer, union, prepaid college program, city/state/federal agency, embassy etc.)

  • Authorizations may come in the form of a “letter of credit” or “tuition voucher” that states the employer or union will pay the college directly
  • Authorization documents must be submitted by the first official day of the new semester; any tuition and fees not covered by the sponsoring party must be paid by the student before the due date

Does not qualify for union/employer deferment:

  • Tuition reimbursement programs
  • Guarantees for miscellaneous expenses (i.e., books, supplies, travel)
  • Guarantees from relatives, friends, or other illegitimate interests

Quick Reference Guide for Students

Quick Reference Guide for Unions and Employers