Students must make acceptable payment arrangements or officially withdraw prior to the payment due date to remain in good financial standing and avoid late fees. Acceptable payment arrangements include:

  • Payment in full;
  • Approved financial aid covering all charges;
  • University payment plan (not in arrears); and/or
  • Participation in an approved third-party payment agreement

Tuition bills are considered overdue on or any day after the first official day of the new semester. Overdue accounts will be flagged by the system and placed on hold. Once a hold is assigned, the student is not permitted to register for classes or receive a copy of their grades, official or student transcripts, verification of enrollment, certificate, or degree.

Overdue balances trigger an account hold, which block the following activities:

  • Enrollment, including adding or swapping courses
  • Transcripts (Unofficial/Official)
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Diploma or Certificate
  • Grade View

Bursar Hold (BUR)
The bill has not been satisfied by the first official day of classes.

Past-Due Balance (BCH)
The bill is 15-day past-due. University holds restrict the above actions at all CUNY campuses.

Bursar In-House Collection Hold (BIH)
The bill 30-days past-due. A late payment fee of $15.00 may be applied to the account. University holds restrict the above actions at all CUNY campuses.

To clear an account hold, the student must pay the balance in full using any one of the accepted methods. Please note, financial aid must be paid to the bill – a pending application does not warrant a billing adjustment or hold release. The College will not release holds for students that create a payment plan or submit a third-party deferment after their account that is no longer in good standing. 

The Office of Student Accounts may issue payment reminders and other announcements via mail, e-mail, and phone. The student is responsible for keeping their contact information current on CUNYfirst. Under no circumstances will a student be excused from missing announcements or deadlines. Students that require additional information about a notice they received should e-mail

The City University of New York also reserves the right to send electronic payment reminders and other notifications to students attending any of the 25 constituent institutions. Messages are delivered from Students that require additional information about a notice they received should e-mail

Updating Contact Information
Students are responsible for keeping their records up to date with a current physical addresses, email addresses and phone numbers in CUNYfirst. Students who wish to make a change to their permanent address, or for name and social security changes, please contact

College E-mail Policy
The campus-assigned student email account is the College’s official means of communication with all students. Students are responsible for all information sent to their campus email account. If a student chooses to assign an alternative e-mail as preferred in CUNYfirst, the student is still responsible for all information, including attachments, issued to the campus e-mail. Departments reserve the right to only communicate account sensitive information to the campus e-mail, regardless of whether an alternative e-mail is assigned as preferred.  Students should check their SLU email account regularly. Students can e-mail if they are unable to access CUNYfirst, the campus email, or require other technical assistance.