Communications Workers of America (CWA) is one of the three founding unions of the School of Labor and Urban Studies and its predecessor, The Murphy Institute. Our longstanding partnership with SLU has offered higher education opportunities to several hundred CWA-1180 members each year.

Tuition benefits are contingent on the criteria outlined herein and completion of a community service project. To qualify, you must be an actively employed CWA-1180 member in a qualified title as of the first official day of the enrolled semester. A certified voucher is required for each semester you plan to use this benefit. The Ed Fund may not honor voucher requests after the enrollment period has ended (see: Academic Calendar). All terms and conditions are defined by the CWA-1180 Education Fund and are subject to change without notice.

The CWA Local 1180 Education Fund sponsors 30 credits for eligible members seeking an undergraduate degree or certificate and an additional 24 credits for eligible members seeking a graduate degree or certificate. Tuition and registration fee payments are made for up to two (2) courses each semester in either Labor or Urban Studies. There are no restrictions on the number of credits for each course.

Your education is an investment in your future; our sponsorship is an investment in you. To make the most of your experience at SLU, we ask that you take your studies seriously. Accordingly, the Ed Fund will cancel tuition payments for members who drop/withdraw from courses or do not earn the minimum grade required. In such circumstances, you will be financially liable to the College. If a course is re-scored and is eligible for payment from the Ed Fund, you must contact the College Bursar’s Office to re-bill the Ed Fund. Please note, retroactive payments will be denied for members that have already exhausted their credit cap