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With climate change looming, we are facing an energy emergency. How can unions fight for change? “This is What Energy Democracy Looks Like” is a succinct and compelling video from Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, NYC.

This Is What Energy Democracy Looks Like


COP23 Bonn Itinerary

Date/Time Event/Venue Details Contact
Thursday, Nov. 2
Friday, Nov. 3
Saturday, Nov. 4
Evening, TBD People’s Climate Summit . Logistical information:

– organisational context: the event is one of the three big evening panels of the alternative ‘People’s Climate Summit’ that the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, together with a variety of allies (the Heinrich Boell Stiftung; Oxfam Germany; 350; attac and a few others), is organising around the COP23.

– Time & Duration: the panel will be from 8pm to 10pm, on Saturday the 4th of November. It is that late in order to accommodate: a) people’s participation in the NGO-march that will start around noon that day (“Fight for climate justice!”); b) people’s participation in the final action plenary of Ende Gelände, 5pm – 7pm.

– Location: Integrated Comprehensive School Bonn-Beuel, Siegburger Straße 321, 53229 Bonn

Bus and Tramway stops:

  • Friedenstraße: from Bonn central station with buslines 529, 538 direction Hennef or lines 636, 637 direction Gielgen/Holzlar or Bus 628 from Bonn, Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz, direction Ramersdorf.
  • Pützchen Schule: with Busses 624, 634 from Bonn central station direction Gielgen/Holzlar, then walking along the Friedenstraße
  • Vilich-Müldorf: with Tramways 66, 67 from Bonn central station direction Siegburg/Sankt Augustin, then walking on the right side along Am Herrengarten

Troubleshooting: if you have any problems, just give me a call, send a text or whatsapp or signal or whatever-message to +49-170-5333709.

Sunday, Nov. 5
Monday, Nov. 6:
9.00-12.00 PCM / TUED: The Just Transition: Stop Lying and Start Doing

Metro Hochkreuz/Deutschs Museum

Wissenschaftzentrum, Ahstrs. 45

Hedge funds, banks and capitalists are not investing enough in renewables to stop climate change. It’s a crisis, and Trade Unions for Energy Democracy have the figures to show this. There is no alternative now but massive government action. That means public support for renewable energies, efficient public transport and conversion of buildings to meet our climate goals. It means jobs for working people. The climate jobs campaigns from different countries will explain how this would work.

[Maybe two speakers for 10 minutes each, and four for five, split equally between TUED and climate jobs. Speakers include Sean Sweeney, TUED, Dominic Brown One Million Climate Jobs South Africa.]

14.30-16.30 Climate Jobs

Metro Hochkreuz/Deutschs Museum

Wissenschaftzentrum, Ahstrs. 45

It will take an enormous amount of human labour to build a low carbon world. But we have the technology and the solutions, and the governments can find the money if they want to. That will mean millions of jobs, that can pull millions of people out of unemployment or the purgatory of precarity. Climate jobs campaigns from many countries will explain how they are fighting to make this vision a reality. We will have speakers from unions in Norway, South Africa, UK, France, Portugal and the US.

[One speaker for ten minutes and four for five minutes each, including Andreas Ytterstad or Gunnar, Bridge to the Future Norway, Lara Skinner Climate Jobs New York, Didier Aube, Solidaire France, Ana Maurao, Climaximo Portugal.

PM TBD Euro Parliament, Cornelia Ernst, MP
Tuesday, Nov. 7:
Wednesday, Nov. 8:
Thursday, Nov. 9:
Friday, Nov. 10:

German Pavilion

13:00-17:15 TUED Strategy Meeting

RLS Hotel Conference Room

Saturday, Nov. 11:
ALL DAY ITUC Strategy Anabella Rosemberg
Sunday Nov. 12:
TBD FOE / Just Transition