The Murphy Institute offers workshops and seminars that build the capacity of working-class people to engage at all levels of the democratic process. As corporate interests hold increasingly greater sway in national politics, the Institute provides educational resources to enable working-class voters and communities to exercise the influence concomitant with their numbers.

Institute workshop offerings in leadership development and civic participation include:

  • Democracy and Power in the City, State & Nation
  • Policymaking: Structures, Processes, Procedures, Parties, Players and Pressure Points
  • Campaign Organization and Campaign Strategy: Keys to Success
  • Federal, State and City Election Law
  • Campaign Finance and Ethics
  • Petitioning: First Step in Running for Public Office
  • Messaging: The Key to Winning Voter Support
  • Public Speaking
  • How Campaigns and Elections Set the Policy Agenda
  • Advocating Policy Issues Before, During and After Elections
  • Building an Ongoing Policy Constituency
  • Participating in Governance
  • How Priorities Get Funded
  • Participatory Budgeting

Divided Results: Voting and Partisan Gerrymandering

Election Debrief: An Interview with Harold Meyerson

Unions, Workers, and the Democratic Party Excerpt