The following applications and services are most widely used by students across CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies student.

CUNY student technology resources provide access to university most essential system-wide applications. To access the resources located on this page please follow the instructions and documentation located below.

Newly enrolled students should received an email message sent to their personal email address registered in their CUNYfirst account describing how to claim and access their SLU student email. Learn more about SLU email.

Quick Links

Brightspace LMS launches at CUNY SLU in Summer 2024
SLU is transiting from Blackboard to a new learning management system. For guides, tutorials and other resources visit CUNY SLU Brightspace LMS page.

CUNY Student Technology

Brightspace LMS

Brightspace enables student and faculty participation in online classes and online course materials to complement face-to-face learning. Learn more about Brightspace.


CUNYfirst provides essential student, human resources and finance administration across via an integrated enterprise technology solution. Learn more about CUNYfirst.

CUNY Degreeworks

DegreeWorks allows students to plan course selections towards fulfilling degree requirements and view progress towards degree completion. Learn more about DegreeWorks.

CUNY Alert

CUNY emergency alert system delivers text, email and/or voice alerts of emergencies or weather-related University or campus closings. Learn more about CUNY Alert.


Library provides access to academic publications and research databases to currently enrolled students, faculty members and staff members. Learn more about Library.


Gartner free online resources provide students and faculty with the latest research on technology advances, best practices and standards. Learn more about Gartner.

SLU Student Email

Each student is provided with an email account both for university and personal use while associated with CUNY.

Learn how to access and use your SLU email address, watch the below video and read the instructions.

Login name and email address
Your login username and email address format is your first name “dot” last name + the last 2 digits of your EMPLID For example,

Password / password change
New students, the default password was emailed to your preferred email address in CUNY First. To change your password, login to your SLU email account navigate to settings and then select “Change Your Password”.

Microsoft Office 365

All CUNY SLU students can access to Microsoft Office 365 via the Microsoft Office in Education program. The license remains active until you leave the University, at which point it will be in read-only mode and you will be prompted to purchase a license from Microsoft or stop using Microsoft Office 365 for Education.

Watch the below video and read the instructions to learn how to access MS Office 365. Read the Office 365 Guides to learn how to use the application.

CUNY Virtual Desktop / Apporto

Remotely access your course software anytime and anywhere on your favorite web browser by logging in with your CUNYfirst account at

Please note that each session is limited to 8 hours to provide maximum availability for all CUNY users. Inactivity for 60 minutes or more will end your session, and any unsaved data will be lost. Please remember to save frequently.

For more information, visit the Apporto website for tutorial videos and an online user guide. By using Apporto, you agree to comply with the CUNY Computer Use Policy and Procedures and use for academic purposes only.

Access Virtual Desktop

Go to and log in with your CUNYFirst login credentials


The City University of New York is providing Dropbox and Dropbox Paper to all active CUNY students, faculty and administrative staff.  You can use these tools to store and access files from different devices, share files, and collaborate on content.  The Training Resources section will help you get started.

Use of Dropbox will be subject to CUNY Security and Computer Use policies as well as the data privacy, security and confidentiality guidelines established in the Acceptable Use of University Data in the Cloud Policy.

See detailed instructions for accessing Dropbox

Access Dropbox

  1. Got to
  2. Login with your CUNYFirst credentials.
  3. You are now logged in and will have access to your CUNY Dropbox account.